MADISON - An investigation into three separate incidents over a two-week span in the Madison area has identified those incidents as "drug related," according to local law enforcement.

"We've had these separate incidents involving women," said Madison Police Chief Chet Burgess. "We know that drugs are involved and we don't know where they are getting them from yet. These individuals were acting out in very violent and erratic manners. Two of them have admitted to taking meth. At this point in the investigation, this is all I can offer."

Two of the women were found in or near the river and were either completely disrobed or partially clothed when officers approached them after receiving calls from concerned citizens.

Burgess said social media posts have portrayed the situations in an untrue manner, as up to this point in the investigations, there is no proof of a crime being committed.

"These incidents are under investigation and we are aware of social media posts that don't even have the location of these incidents correct, much less the other facts," he said. "One of the women we picked up is still hospitalized as of Thursday."

Burgess said the ages of the women range between 35 and 50. The police chief entered the water near city park to pull one woman from the river; she was standing in the water, partially undressed and uttering mostly undecipherable words and sentences that made no sense, according to Burgess.

The CVN will follow up on the investigations when more information is available.

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