Logan Darnell/Coal Valley News - Scott's Jayden Elkins went 2-for-4 against Logan.

LOGAN - Scott High's own Lady Skyhawks (7-18) played the Logan Lady Wildcats (9-20) on May 6 for the first round of the Cardinal Conference sectionals tournament. Two sophomores got the start for their respective teams, with Kailey Freeman pitching for Scott and Emma Vinson representing Logan.

It did not take long for numbers to appear on the scoreboard, as sophomore shortstop Emily Scott singled on a ground ball to left field. She was joined on base by freshman third baseman Jayden Elkins, who singled to put both runners in the corners with one out. Sophomore Kirsten Arthur singled for a third hit by the team, resulting in a run earned by reliable small ball, Emily Scott scoring. A based ball brought Elkins and Arthur into scoring positions, and a fielder's choice hit by junior Kathryn Underwood brought in Elkins for a 2-0 lead. Those two runs would be the only ones for Scott in the inning, as the next two at-bats were the final two outs to retire the side.

Junior second baseman Sarah Noe walked to start things off for Logan. Vinson took a sacrifice bunt and delivered second base to Noe with one out. Sophomore Ashlyn Conley brought her to third with a flyout to right field. Another sophomore, Raehan Quick, reached on an error, which put Logan on the board with Noe's run. The Lady Hawks did put away the inning with a flyball for the third out, keeping the score at a manageable 2-1.

At the top of the second, sophomore right fielder Maci Allen was hit by a pitch and scored when fellow sophomore Kailey Freeman hit an RBI double with a line drive to center field. Two outs were recorded before a single from Elkins gave Freeman the run. Scott was beginning to score at a steady pace, making the lead 4-1 by the end of the half. Logan responded in kind, however, as an error helped sophomore CF Abigail Baisden reach, and a flyout by senior Katie Fleming gave her room to run after tagging up on second. The second inning ended 4-2.

Another run would not show up until the top of the 5th inning. A leadoff walk on Elkins turned into another runners-in-the-corners situation following a single from junior Cassidy Mitchell. Sophomore Kameron Craddock joined in with an RBI double to make it 5-2 on Elkins's run. Once again, Logan took another step of their own. A groundout by Vinson turned into a run for junior Haley Maynard, running in from 2nd base. The score became 5-3.A final stand for Logan in the final inning began with an error that put senior Katie Fleming on first. She advanced to second on another error, and was joined by Noe with a walk. Fleming then advanced to third on a passed ball, but Scott High had taken an advantage by recording their second out. With one to go, a pitch was found well by Ashlyn Conley, who doubled with a line drive to left field that resulted in both Fleming and Noe scoring. With that, a third out took the game to extra innings.

Emma Vinson did well to control the action in the eighth inning, striking out two and securing a groundout while only giving up one walk. Kailey Freeman, the walking player for Scott, made it to second on a wild pitch and threatened to score, but she was ultimately left on base as the side retired. However, Freeman did quell a dangerous bases-loaded scenario with a strikeout on Noe to take the game into the ninth.

Scott simply could not get anything done at the top of the ninth, as Logan's defense kept the Lady Hawks off-base with two groundouts and a lineout. Ashlyn Conley proved her capability as shortstop, fielding both groundouts. The bottom of the ninth ended in three at-bats. Vinson reached on an error, advanced to third on a flyball to center field by Conley, and the walk-off single was hit by Quick, sending Conley home and giving the Lady Wildcats their comeback victory over Scott.

Jayden Elkins and Kameron Craddock both led Scott at the plate going 2-for-4. Ashlyn Conley went 3-for-5 with 2 RBI to lead Logan. In pitching, Logan's Emma Vinson gave up 8 hits and 5 runs, striking out 13 over 9 innings to win the day in pitching.