There are so many stories I want to tell you about my mission trip to Kenya, but Holy Moly! we are smack in the middle of vacation bible school! In fact, today is the third day of it and I am about to explode! Not from frustration or exhaustion, but from excitement! It's the best week ever!

Everyone knows there is an abundance of chaos, disagreement, and anger in this nation and around the globe. I would not be an honest messenger of God, if I said this old world did not have some serious problems and that there is nothing to be concerned about.

Movies & More reviewer John Gillispie shares his thoughts on "Toy Story 4," which is rated G and playing in theaters.

From Disney and Pixar Animation Studios comes "Toy Story 4" - a charming and visually appealing animated film full of emotion and adventure.

Those of us who are married have learned the closer we are to our spouse the more sacred and meaningful our love becomes. When we listen, laugh, cry, reveal our most secret thoughts, hopes and concerns, this is an important part of learning to trust and know them.

As I boarded the plane, a flight attendant told me to put my carry-on in the First Class overhead compartment. I wasn't in First Class, there was just room there for storage. Unfortunately, I couldn't get it in the bin. I pushed and shoved but it wouldn't budge.

Those of us that are married have learned the closer we are to our spouse the stronger our love grows. When we listen, laugh, cry, reveal our most secret thoughts, hopes and concerns, this is an important part of learning to trust and know them.

I love looking forward to our summer adventures - crossing off all the simple delights on our bucket list. However, I fear having a list as it might feel like the summer will slip by fast. We purposely plan our fun vacays spreading them out over the summer so that work will seem less arduous and drawn out.

Basically there's a fireworks show every day somewhere for a solid week.

But sitting around watching a colorful sky blasting isn't the only way to celebrate America in the great outdoors.

Knowing what the weather is going to do has been an obsession of man since the beginning of time, especially to farmers. Early on, farmers knew that if they could predict the weather, it would help them plan at least short term for their crops.

Continuing with the lower carb craze and possibly jumping all in on the bandwagon, I am finally getting around to trying my hand at making steaks, well actually, cauliflower steaks and even more precisely Parmesan encrusted cauliflower steaks.

CHARLESTON - The following events happened on these dates in West Virginia history. To read more, go to e-WV: The West Virginia Encyclopedia at

America's annual birthday is this week and it's time to get ready for the party. With the red, white and blue theme streaming across the country, it's an easy do to take that theme right into your backyard and your picnic table.

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SNOWSHOE, W.Va. - Snowshoe Mountain, the ubiquitous mountain resort in West Virginia's Allegheny Mountains, announced it will be bottling its most prized possession: fresh mountain air. The resort has developed a method to capture and bottle the fresh air from several undisclosed locations in its 11,000-acre backcountry, one of the more remote areas on the entire East Coast.

Summer is officially here and finally the sun is poking its head out of the clouds to prove it. We've got a whole lot of fun going down indoors and out. Here's just a few of the fun things to get into this weekend around Southern West Virginia and beyond.

"Now I would remind you, brothers, of the gospel I preached to you," 1 Cor. 15:1-8.

A few years ago I was asked to write a weekly article for the Williamson Daily News using my insight as a pastor. As a result I desired to give you the most meaningful thing Scripture affords. I sought to write to you about Jesus Christ and his gospel.

On Saturday, June 15, Dino Beckett, Jody Gooslin, and Murphy Poindexter hosted what they referred to as a "soft opening" to celebrate their recent acquisition of the historic Mountaineer Hotel.

HUNTINGTON - Every time you think you've seen it all, something random and unexpected seems to pop up for paramedics. It's a reality Cabell County EMS is well acquainted with, especially considering the flurry of bizarre calls generated by the opioid epidemic.

LOGAN - In 1952, the City of Logan commissioned Thomas McEvoy Patterson, professor in the Department of Dramatic Art at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, to write an original script depicting the history of the Native American tribes that used to live and hunt in the Guyandotte Valley. While a student at Yale, Patterson became prominent as a playwright, winning several awards including a Wallace Stegner Creative Writing Fellowship at Stanford.

NORTHFORK - As the world famous Hatfield-McCoy Trail approaches its 20th anniversary next year, it can claim more than 50,000 permits sold per year. That's a lot of folks coming with off-highway vehicles - ATVs, UTVs, Jeeps and dirt bikes - to scramble along mountain trails and along the highways connecting small towns in the southern coalfields of West Virginia having extreme riding experiences.

When I have down time, I spend it thinking, constantly thinking and mulling over thoughts and observations. When I'm cleaning out the attic and downsizing which I hope doesn't happen again for a while, I'm drawn back to when the kids were little. The good news: I don't feel guilty, I was present for most of the time. The bad news: I do remember sometimes the present I am referring to caused me to stare at my kids all day, imagining this time gone. Every look they gave, every phrase they said, every move they made was evidence for "see-they are changing too fast."

Every now and then folks look around their cozy abode and decide they want a change, but they don't want to spend big time bucks. Giving your home a different look with a few inexpensive alterations can happen and it doesn't have to break the bank.

I have crow's feet: wrinkles, tiny or not so tiny, around my eyes. They can be caused by squinting, glaring, old age or smiling. Even though I am in my late 50s, I like to think mine were caused by smiling.

Summer is officially here Friday, and we are getting the party rolling indoors and out with everything from concerts and theater to lots of good times in the great outdoors.

Watermelon, an exceptionally round or oval healthy fruit, is plentiful in area grocery stores, farmers' markets and supermarkets. It's sweet, delicious, low in calories, very refreshing and packed with water, which is helpful for maintaining good hydration.

HUNTINGTON - In the town of Splendid, West Virginia, there is a university. Employed at that university is a science professor. If you ask him, he would tell you his experiments have nothing to do with strange occurrences in Splendid - like children with superpowers and the ability to time travel - but yet, he loves to tell stories of these occurrences and locals feel he might just not be telling the truth.

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HUNTINGTON - Marshall University will host the Huntington Summer Music Festival Friday and Saturday, June 2122, at Pullman Square, featuring music from world-renowned and local jazz musicians as well as a Biergarten, an instrument petting zoo for children and people of all ages, and other activities.

I remember the first time I tasted rhubarb I was very little. I lived in Michigan and a neighbor grew it in their backyard. I don't know what possessed me to go over to the large stalks, break one off and begin tearing away at it like I just knew it would be delicious. The taste was too much for my baby tastebuds. Sour Patch Kids had nothing on this natural wonder.

"Summer time and the living is easy" goes the old quote. However, if you have kids to entertain this isn't always the case, particularly if you don't usually have the younger set around. Here are a few ideas that are temporary, not particularly harmful to the landscape and easy for an adult to organize prior to the munchkins showing up for a visit.

It's Father's Day Weekend, and sure you could get dad some socks and sandals or some bad dad jokes, but hey, he's already got those.