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Every now and then folks look around their cozy abode and decide they want a change, but they don't want to spend big time bucks. Giving your home a different look with a few inexpensive alterations can happen and it doesn't have to break the bank.

The biggest change can take place with just a can of paint and a different color. Paint one wall or the entire room to change the total color scheme. If paint is your chosen mode of making a modification think of painting surfaces other than the walls like the floor or the ceiling or even the furniture.

This can be dramatic or subtle depending on the direction you are wanting to accomplish. Wallpaper could be considered since it seems to be making a comeback these days and it also can alter walls and ceilings. If one does the paint or wallpaper work themselves they will save a load on expenses.

What we do with floors ground a room, and there are so many options out there. Besides painting the floor one can create a design like a gingham plaid by using floor tile or add a splash of color with an area rug.

Instead of one rug experiment with several rugs in one room with similar color palettes, this could provide the pizazz you been seeking. Hiring an artist to paint a work of art on the floor could be the ticket for the change you desire. Sometimes thinking outside the box can have really interesting results.

To hold down expenses use what you have in the house just move it around. Move the furniture from its former location to the other side of the room. Maybe pull it out from the wall and make a conversation group in front of a window or fireplace.

Shift lamps from one room to another, change out the dining room chairs that all match for a variety taken from other rooms in the house. Try some of your yard art inside as indoor art like the bird bath could make a great side table with a piece of glass across the top. Swap out throw pillows from one room to another, or if what you have is worn visit a big box discount store and purchase something new.

Today's furniture has changed somewhat in that beds are taller and bigger than ever before. What this means for bedside tables is that the old ones don't work as well but what does work are small chests and dressers once meant to be stand alones in a bedroom. They are tall enough and broad enough to hold our bedtime necessaries and they balance well with today's beds. Use what you have available and you might be surprised by what a little repurposing can accomplish.

Sometimes giving your house a good spring cleaning will offer guidance as to change. Maybe removing some of the intended clutter will give your abode a new minimalist look that is quite the fad these days. As you move and clean there may be things you will see that are tired and just need to be tossed or replaced.

Sometimes when we look at objects that are defective we come to accept them as okay when they really need to leave the scene so try to be objective about how things really look and make an adjustment. Change is a good thing that can amp up your decor and sometimes all it takes is a little tweaking, moving this or that or just a fresh coat of paint.