Last week, the fans of the sensation that is "Wynonna Earp" got some good news. The show will finally return to Syfy in Summer 2020.

The announcement ends a months-long nightmare for Earpers, as "Wynonna" fans are called, that began when it was revealed that the show's production company, IDW Entertainment, did not have the financing to produce a fourth season. It was an abrupt halt to what was quickly becoming a huge success story.

If you're not familiar, "Wynonna" tells the story of Wynonna Earp, the fictional great-granddaughter of Wild West lawman Wyatt Earp. Instead of gunslingers, Wynonna battles demons and other supernatural beings as part of a special operations unit of the U.S. Marshals. After appearing in comic books published by Image Comics and IDW Publishing for years, Wynonna truly burst onto the scene in 2016 with the premiere of "Wynonna" on Syfy.

The show won the People's Choice Award for Best Sci-Fi Fantasy Show of 2018, as a write-in candidate, besting several more well-known shows that were actual nominees, including "Supernatural." The win was the perfect cherry on top of the show's third season, which finally garnered "Wynonna" notice from mainstream entertainment media like Entertainment Weekly and The Hollywood Reporter.

But then the show found itself in trouble, and just like Wynonna fighting off Revenants, the Earpers started a fight of their own getting #FightForWynonna to trend on Twitter. But then they took it up a notch, buying 49 billboards across the country, including several in Times Square. Fans visited the billboards in Times Square each night to take pictures, carry signs, scream, cry and share their experiences with their fellow Earpers.

Finally, last week, IDW announced they had secured financing, and production on the fourth season of "Wynonna" would begin later this year. This comes just before "Wynonna" makes its triumphant return to San Diego Comic Con next week. And as if a panel attracting hundreds of fans wasn't enough, the show will receive the ultimate pop culture compliment in San Diego as it gets its own SDCC exclusive Funko Pop. Adding to the good news, IDW Publishing will release a new "Wynonna" graphic novel, "Wynonna Earp: Bad Day at Black Rock," in September. The "Wynonna" train is officially back on the tracks.

There are a lot of shows that can be called sensations, so what makes "Wynonna" special? Because this worldwide phenomenon was created right here in West Virginia by Huntington native and "Wynonna" comic creator Beau Smith. And he will be in San Diego next week celebrating her at SDCC, meeting an ever-growing legion of his fans, many of whom bring him special gifts to thank him for his creation, which inspired the show they love.

It's a pretty incredible story on its own, but the fact that it's a story born and still living in the Tri-State? That makes it pretty amazing and a true inspiration to all of us. And it's always a great thing to see good things happen to really good people.

The first two seasons of "Wynonna Earp" are available to stream on Netflix. The third season is available for purchase on Amazon Prime Video and other online outlets.

Angela Henderson-Bentley writes about television for HD Media. Contact her at