Local DJ Bill France is celebrating the 30th anniversary of starting his DJ service.

This year marks the 30-year anniversary for a local entertainer. DJ Bill France has played to thousands of residents all across the Mountain State for the past three decades.

“I never said, I’m going to be a DJ,” France said. “It just kinda found me.”

The very first time France DJ’d was while attending Marshall University. He was filling in for a friend at a fraternity party. “I learned first hand how important it is to a party,” he said

A couple years later, a lady called France and asked him to DJ a party for some cheerleaders.

“I had no equipment and very limited music, but they told me not to worry about it,” France said. “I showed up, played and was paid at the end of the party. That was not a bad thing. That’s when the light first went off in my head.”

The next gig was out of necessity. “I wanted to buy myself a truck, so I took a DJ job at a night club.” France started getting more and more calls about private DJ work. “As soon as my truck was paid for I left the club and never looked back.”

He was originally going to call his business Let’s Dance DJ Service.

“I couldn’t afford a business listing in the phone book at that time, so I knew it needed my name in it and I had to drive home the fact I was a DJ.” That’s when France started branding himself on shirts, number stickers, lanyards and more.

“People have always asked, ‘How do you know what to play?’” France said. “I’ve always been obsessed with music and I have a wide range of genres that I love. When I’m asked to play song, I usually already know the artist, the beats per minute, the intro length, and the year it was released. I’ve always known more than anyone should know about music.”

When France started, he built and paid for his entire music collection. “This was before the internet. There was no downloading or streaming. It was an entirely different world.”

For more information, contact France on Facebook or call 304-752-6283.