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PREFACE: My beloved hates glitter more than a 40-day stomach virus.

And so it happened. I was asked to be the Tooth Fairy at two elementary schools in West Liberty last week. It was an hour away, so my beloved suggested I take his Corolla to save gas. “What a great idea,” I thought to myself.

The day of the event, I arrived at Wrigley Elementary just in time. With silver wig in place and pink cat-eyed glasses, I adjusted my wings and pink poufy gown. But something was missing: I had zero glitter! That had to be remedied; kids equate sparkle with magic! I reached into my Tooth Fairy bag in the back seat, digging for my container of glitter. I poured my hand full of the shimmery stuff and tossed it up in the air over my head. In one quick move, I would be covered in glitter! Problem solved!

But in that infinitesimal moment, a gust of wind swept into the school parking lot and blew every speck of glitter right into MY BELOVED’S CAR! Naturally, I screamed.

I couldn’t address the fiasco right then, as the students were waiting to hear about taking care of their teeth! And to hear my favorite “tooth book”! I would have to figure it out later.

After visiting East Valley Elementary, I headed home. Magic was everywhere I looked in the car. Glitter was in the cupholder, on the dash, on the inside of the windows, on the seats, the floor mats, etc., etc., etc. Though I giggled to myself, I KNEW it would be hard to get it all out. I began to practice how I would explain it to my beloved and tried to think of Bible verses that used the word “sparkle.” (I’m a terrible person. I told him in front of a group of our friends from church. His eyes bulged.)

I had a plan, really, I did. I would use a Swiffer Duster all over the inside. They pick up EVERYTHING! (I did it twice.) When that didn’t get up all the glitter, I got the Shop-Vac and swept the daylights out of every surface. I knew the whole time that if I couldn’t get it all cleaned up, I would call the guys at Sparkling Car Wash, and they could take care of my problem! So, I was concerned, but not worried.

Sometimes life is unexpected. We feel like we are in control one minute only to find out in the next that things have changed. Storms come, trouble arrives, and winds blow things asunder. One magical moment can quickly turn ugly. We often tend to work through our problems on our own.

I am thrilled to know that no matter how big or small my crises are, after I have done all I can do on my own, I have a not-so-secret weapon on my side. Instead of calling the guys at Sparking, I can always call on my Heavenly Father to come to my rescue! Psalm 18:6, 7 and 9 describe it perfectly: “In my distress I called to the LORD. I cried to my God for help. From His temple He heard my voice; my cry came before Him… He parted the heavens and came down…”

I’m still looking for Bible verses about glitter — for future incidents.

Dawn Reed writes a weekly column for HD Media. She can be contacted at