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There were two things I needed to get at Food City. It had started to rain, and I HATE getting my head wet so my son dropped me off at the door.

I knew it would be a quick trip, so I told him to stay close. Mask on, I entered the store reading the signs posted everywhere.

Quick as a wink, I made my purchases and was back at the door. I saw his silver car parked right outside.

“How nice!” I thought. “He knew I didn’t want to get my head wet!”

I hurried to the car, opening the door in a rush. One leg in, I was sitting down in the seat, when a COMPLETE STRANGER said, “Ummm, ma’am, I think you may be in the wrong car.”

Horrified, I jumped out like a ninja, “Ohmygoodness! I’m so sorry!” I laughed a little too hysterically. “I thought this was my son’s car! Oh, THAT’S the silver car I was looking for over there!” I pointed across the lot and fled the scene.

I cackled over to my son’s car. He had seen me across the way and was curious what I had been doing at the other vehicle.

Here’s the thing: When my head gets wet in the rain, it chills me to my bone marrow. Five minutes later, I have the sniffles.

Ten minutes later, I’m sure I have a scratchy throat and need some over-the-counter cold medicine. (THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO GET SICK!) I had let my fear of getting a cold distract me. In my hurry to stay dry, I rushed to a place I didn’t need to be.

Regarding the coronavirus, I was ready: masked up and six feet away from everyone else. I race-walked in, used the self-checkout and then sprinted out. Boom! But, then a much smaller concern had me all freaked out. Has fear ever distracted you?

Thankfully, I can go to God’s Word for an applicable true story. The disciples were caught in a storm — actually, a squall, which was much worse. Matthew 14 reports that it had scared the willies out of them, even though several were experienced fishermen. The waves were too high, wind too fierce, thunder too loud! When Jesus appeared, they thought He was a ghost!

Peter, always the one quickest to speak, yelled out, “If it’s You, call me to come out there!” Jesus called, “Come,” and Peter did. For just a bit, he walked right out there with Jesus! It was awesome! Nobody had EVER done THAT before! Then, in a nanosecond, he got distracted.

The wind, the waves, the thunder! Suddenly, he found himself where he didn’t want to be! Verse 31 is my favorite part: Immediately, Jesus reached out and grabbed him! (He has had to do that sooo many times to me!)

Every day it seems there’s more to be concerned about. COVID-19 is larger and closer by the minute! Like the disciples — OK, and me — we can be brave one minute and scared the next. That day, Jesus invited Peter to walk with Him through uncertain waters. He invites us to walk with Him, too.

On a bright note: Since I still had my mask on, that complete stranger won’t ever recognize me if he sees me out!

Dawn Reed writes a weekly column for HD Media. She can be contacted at