LOGAN – “It won’t last six months!” That’s what owner Michael Cline – known as “Boss” to friends and customers – heard over and over when he first opened Hot Cup on Oct. 17, 2011.

That was eight years ago, and Hot Cup is still going strong in downtown Logan.

Only a year after its beginnings in a small storefront facing the end of Stratton Street, Hot Cup moved to its current location in the White and Browning building at Stratton and Cole streets.

Hot Cup quickly became the central hub for coffee, art, live music, culture and charity in the Logan area. Even non-coffee drinkers enjoy their tea or smoothies, soup or freshly made snacks. All of those go hand-in-hand with the atmosphere, time spent with friends and free WiFi.

The popular gathering spot takes no commission when they sell the art displayed there by local artists and does not collect a cover charge during events featuring area bands, authors or comedians. All that money goes straight to the artists.

“It’s just our way of fostering an artistic community in our town. If you don’t care about your community, your community can’t be expected to care about you,” Cline said.

As for Hot Cup’s many charitable endeavors in the Logan community, Cline said “Kindness is free, and we should spread it around accordingly.”

Known as the “Coolest, Classiest Place in Logan,” Hot Cup is a place for the misfits to fit.

“At Hot Cup, we don’t care about your race, which religion you belong to or don’t belong to, how you identify sexually, we just want you to know that you have a sanctuary and a safe space at Hot Cup — and also the best cup of coffee prepared by the best baristas,” Cline said.

“None of this can happen without my amazing team of employees. They’re skilled, talented, loyal, kind and hard-working,” Cline said. “The secret is to train your employees well enough that they can leave, but treat them so good that they never do.” He also expressed his gratitude to the City of Logan, Mayor Serafino Nolletti and City Clerk Amber Miller.

Every fall, Hot Cup celebrates another year of business, friends and fresh coffee with an anniversary party. A highlight of each event has been a different dramatic entrance staged by Cline with the help of friends.

For this year’s entrance, Cline and his closest friends, known informally as “The Loser Crew,” gathered for an original Avengers-themed skit. Their performance came complete with a soundtrack, explosions and fireworks. Past party entrances have included fire trucks, race cars, helicopters, live bands, a stretch limousine and even a coffin.

The party featured Rock City cakes, food ranging from shawarma, shrimp and sushi to mini hot dogs wrapped in pretzel dough, as well as cigars and bottles of spumante for everyone.

“I’m nothing without these friends and customers,” Cline said. “The least I can do is say thank you, with flash and style, and give them a night they won’t soon forget. I love my people!”