Santa lists from students in Allison Motto’s kindergarten class at Hugh Dingess Elementary School:.

Sadie Baisden: A baby doll, Rainbow Unicorn, Princess Tiana dress.

Aiden Browning: Rudolph Toy, Luigi’s Mansion, Dungeons and Dragons.

Laycie Bryant: LOL Dolls, Toy Dog, Barbies.

Caden Payne: Trains, Toy Santa, Christmas tree.

Jerrad Bryant: Blue Hoverboard, motorcycle, drone.

Hunter Carter: PS4, Thomas the Train, Rabbids Invasion.

William Bryant: Red dirt bike, kiddie pool, Superman costume.

Jenna Nagy: Repeating bird, PS4, two gold controllers.

Mason Webb: Orange dresser for his room, McDonalds play set, PlayStation.

Paiyton Mullins: LOL Dolls, Play-Doh, doll house.

Jeremiah Hensley: Lionel trains, train tracks, pretend phone.

Ryden Hughes: Toy Story 4 LEGOs, Mario Rubik’s cube, airplane.

Alexis Ooten: Camera, fake makeup, pretend ice cream truck.