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Cocoa Coffee is the perfect treat to fuel you as you complete your holiday tasks or spend time reminiscing with loved ones.

It’s the coffee — I mean cocoa coffee — I’m celebrating today, with whipped cream because, you know, I’m celebrating, and baking, and preparing for the most wonderful holiday.

We need treats, a little something for the stamina to go forth and be merry while family members are driving and hauling their tired selves home after a hard day’s work.

The day before the holiday holds something dear for me. Besides the cooking, I relish the thoughts of all the years before where traditions were formed, gatherings commenced and children watched and slowly soaked in the heartbeat of family. I play this out in my head as if I’m watching a favorite movie year after year. This is us. We love, laugh, share, cry and eat.

Pre-holiday remembrances have become somewhat of a nostalgic fest. Over the years, it’s become an important tradition in our home, and I love sharing “remember when” exchanges with the boys. This is how we do it, how we pass along the tradition.

So as I drink my cocoa coffee, I’m cooking my way through a heap of memories while recognizing how each year changes from the ones before. It’s ever changing, but beautiful nonetheless.

Happy Holidays.

Cocoa Coffee

Prepare coffee just as you normally would.

In a saucepan, combine 1/2 cup milk and 1/4 cup semi sweet chocolate chips. Over medium heat, melt the chips and stir. Add this to your coffee. Top with whipped cream, chocolate chips and coconut.

Janet McCormick is the author of “10-Minute Meals” and was a longtime resident of Lawrence County, Ohio. She can be reached at 304-654-2003.

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