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With fresh tomatoes almost everywhere you look, this Tuna Caprese Salad is a simple, fast, but delicious way to showcase the seasonal splendor.

When summer rolls around each year, I get incredibly excited for all the juicy and ripe tomatoes that flood the markets — mainly because it means I get to go back in time and remember the days when I put as much effort into raising a garden as I did raising my children.

A purposeful stroll through the market becomes more than a search for the perfect produce. I smell every vegetable, exchanging one piece for another. The intense, deep-green stem of a ripe tomato conjures the memories, and I’m in another world tending my garden with two littles, giggling and chasing each other nearby.

I blink away the thoughts. Much more of that and I’ll lose a whole day wondering where the time went; those babies are grown.

This time of year sends me on a desperate search for boxes of “seconds,” the term merchants use for their imperfect produce. It’s canning season, and I’m on a mission. I need lots and lots of tomatoes. When winter comes, we’ll be thrilled to have the fresh tomatoes for soups, stews and my favorite chili.

Caprese salad is a must when tomatoes are in abundance. Adding the tuna took it to a whole other level. I’m not sure which was easiest, the salad or the tuna. But either way, dive into this meal using all the fresh tomatoes that are everywhere.

Tuna Caprese Salad

1 tomato, sliced

Fresh basil

2 tuna steaks

Black sesame seeds

Any grilling seasoning

Mozzarella cheese

Balsamic glaze

1 T. olive oil

Arrange the tomato slices, basil and cheese.

Garnish with basil and glaze.

Season each side of the tuna steaks.

Drizzle the oil in a hot pan and sear each side 1-2 minutes. This will achieve a pink middle.

Serve with the salad.

Janet McCormick is the author of “10-Minute Meals” and was a longtime resident of Lawrence County, Ohio. She can be reached at 304-654-2003.

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