Jarrod Belcher

"Did God actually say, 'You shall not eat of any tree in the garden?' " Genesis 3:1.

One of the reasons for our sinfulness and rebellion against God's commands is because in the moment in which we decide to sin there is a great battle going on in our heart and mind about what's best for us.

God has given us his Holy Law and has commanded us to follow him. He has told us what to do that pleases him and what not to do in order not to displease him. He knows what's best for us. And every time we choose to disobey God it's because we doubt that he has our best interests in mind.

We have the example from our scripture reading today. The serpent had tricked Eve into thinking that God was holding back something better for her. His words sowed the seeds of doubt and distrust. But the gospel is given to us to dispel any doubt or distrust in God.

He has lavished great riches upon us. God the Father has sent his only begotten Son to suffer and die on the cross for our sins. He spared no expense in our redemption since it was the precious blood of his beloved Son that would bring us salvation. Therefore with great confidence I can know that no matter how difficult the temptation is whatever God has for me is always better than sin.

That is helpful for me when I'm tempted to sin for pleasure or to sin for convenience. Whatever I must endure to be obedient to God will never outweigh the riches he has given us in Christ.

We can look at Ephesians 1 and see all those spiritual blessings that are secured to us through the work of Christ. We have the blessings of election, adoption, redemption, forgiveness, an inheritance, and the promise of the Holy Spirit. No sin no matter how satisfying is better than this. No sin no matter how convenient is worth more than this. So remember beloved that God has your best interests at heart.

Therefore, when you are tempted to sin remember the gospel that Christ died for you and it will give you strength to say "No," to sin and "Yes" to obedience. Our greatest satisfaction comes from knowing and obeying our God.

Jarrod Belcher is the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Williamson. He writes a weekly column. He can be contacted at fbcwilliamson@suddenlinkmail.com.