Cover of “Convictions and Considerations – Encouraging Stories for the Soul” by Billy Holland.

Four years ago I stepped out in faith and spoke with the editor of our local newspaper about submitting an article.

I brought him a couple of examples of my work and was surprised when he asked if I would be interested in writing a weekly column. This was very encouraging and in January 2016, "Living on Purpose" began. The inspiration for my writing is simply to relay God's message.

This format has opened doors, and I'm grateful for publications around the country who run the column as my readership continues to grow beyond my highest expectations. With all the positive and encouraging letters and emails I receive, I felt the Lord leading me to gather a collection of these stories into a book along with other styles of my work that have never been published before.

My new book, "Convictions and Considerations - Encouraging Stories for the Soul," invites the reader to contemplate about the will of man versus the will of God and how our devotion to Jesus Christ is measured according to how serious we are about yielding our life to His Lordship.

In a world of chaos, strife and fighting, the vision for this book and my newspaper column is to be a refreshing voice of peace, faith and hope. Within these pages you will find short stories, a biography, song lyrics, quotes, uplifting stories and plenty of Biblical commentary and insights, and are all meant for the reader to contemplate and examine what they believe and why. I see this book as a spiritual resource for those who could use a word of encouragement and who enjoy being challenged to think about the meaning of life.

In 2015, I released my first book, "A Lifestyle of Worship - Living in the awareness of God's presence." It's a combination of my personal experiences as a worship leader along with in-depth look at what the Bible teaches about our intimacy and devotion to God. (Our obedience has more to do with worshiping God than singing a song about Him.) This book is for those who are interested about entering the holy place of His presence instead of settling for an empty religious ritual.

I have at least 10 other books that are already written but have not been published. It's fairly expensive to publish going through the large companies, but technology is paving the way for books to be produced much cheaper. I'm hoping to keep releasing my work as long as the Lord continues to give me the green light to keep going. I love to write and invest at least six hours a day recording my thoughts. I've had the idea of starting a podcast on the back burner for two years, and I'm hoping to start video recording soon. Just some short and simple chats about God and our relationship with Him while filming in different locations.

"Convictions and Considerations - Encouraging Stories for the Soul" is offered for $20.99 on Amazon and all the major booksellers. Signed copies are available by emailing psalmz103@gmail.com.