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Our House of Representatives recently passed a bill that could radically change America. It attempts to change our language to be gender neutral.

There could come a day when the words mother, father, he, she would be banned. A mother would have to be called a parent. Brothers and sisters would be called siblings and so forth. These extreme ideas lead to situations like biological men using women’s restrooms and locker rooms. It also is shaping our education, our culture and is penalizing those with traditional views. As Americans, it is more important than ever to fight for our children’s future.

An important scripture is recorded in Mark 10:6: “But from the beginning of creation, God made them male and female.” It is important for us to understand that our gender is part of the work of Almighty God. Male and female is what makes us diverse, unique and is part of our identity in God. We were all created with a sacred purpose and have a divine destiny. To deny how we were created is to deny the Lord’s plan. In the past, society has been much more harmonious and orderly as we accepted these gender norms. We can live life more abundantly when we embrace the words of our Creator.

As a nation, we need to get back to the basics and stand up for our values. Our liberties and even the freedom of religion is at risk. We have already witnessed radical changes with overturning the Biblical definition of marriage, penalizing free speech and “ministers” now calling God a female in the House of Representatives.

Just how far will these extremists go? Will this become the new normal? As the church, we are called to be salt and light to the world (Matt. 5:13-16). We have power in our prayers and authority with our voices. Let us take back our country and remember that we are one nation under God.

Ralph and Elizabeth Pyszkowski, your brother and sister In Christ. All comments are welcomed at