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What would happen if I chose to serve the Lord?

If I completely surrendered my heart to Jesus, would it be worthwhile? How would things be different if I put him first and pursued a close relationship? What changes and miracles would he work in my life? Where would he lead me if I listened to his voice and kept his words on my mind? Could I find my purpose and experience life to the fullest? If I waited for his timing and accepted his plan, what blessings would I find? How great would the rewards be if I go the distance and endure the storms? What incredible things could happen if I put my faith in Christ?

Is it important that I follow the Great Shepherd? Can he take care of me and provide all my needs? Would he listen to me when I pray? When I need direction, would he give me wisdom? Can he protect me from danger when evil comes near? In my darkest days, would he carry me to the light? If my heart is broken will he hold me close? Is he able to give me peace of mind and rest for my soul? Can he fill the void in my heart and satisfy my longings? Would he lead me in the paths of righteousness and the land of promise?

Why should I trust the Savior of the world? Would he show mercy and forgive me of all my sins? Can he give me a clean slate and wash me whiter than snow? Is he able to remove the guilt from my chest and lift the weight of condemnation from my shoulders?

Did he love me unconditionally and pay my penalty on the cross? Can he make me a brand new creation that glorifies his name? Is it possible that I can live forever in a place called Heaven? Would he accept me into the family of God and the joys of his Kingdom? Jesus told us that he is the son of the Living God (Matt 16:16). Also, his word declares he can do all of this and more. What do I have to lose?

Ralph and Elizabeth Pyszkowski, your brother and sister In Christ. All comments are welcomed at