"Can I bring him back again? I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me."

This was the words of King David after the death of his son. He had prayed and fasted all night for the sick child. He vexed himself, refused to talk with his servants, and pleaded with God. However, his request was denied. His servants were shocked at David's response to his child's death. He got up, changed his clothes, anointed himself, and went to the house of the Lord to worship. This is not what we would have expected from a father losing his child. Still, we can learn much from this man of God on how to grow in the faith. We can live out the victory of Christ even in our greatest disappointments.

The life of a believer is not only full of blessings, but also loads of trials. The scripture records that it rains on the just and the unjust. It is how we handle these storms that makes all the difference. Some people will give up on Jesus after a few bad days. They will blame God when things don't go their way and get angry when he doesn't answer prayers the way they think he should. As a result, they will quit the faith, return to a sinful lifestyle, and never search for the Lord's purpose. These moments test our character, our love for Jesus, and ultimately our faith. Trials are our opportunity to grow as Christians and become all that we are called to be. God is not interested in taking away all our troubles, but causing us to conquer in the middle of them.

David immediately went to the house of God and worshipped. It takes a mature believer to praise the Lord in the good times and the bad. This is an act of faith that shows trust in the Heavenly Father. He has a plan for us, has our best interest in mind, and knows what he is doing. Even though bad things happen, he works all things for the good when we are following him. David prayed through his sufferings and was able to get the right perspective. He quoted the promises of God as he said he can go be with his child. The Lord's promises can help us move beyond our problems. We need to keep our mind on them and think less about our troubles. David's devotion to God gave him the title, "A Man After God's Heart." Following his example can help us overcome and grow in our relationship with the Lord.

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