“If thou be the Son of God, command this stone that it be made bread (Luke 4:4).” This was Satan’s words to Jesus during his fast in the wilderness. An attempt to undermine his devotion and identity.

It is important to notice that the devil’s attack was not physical. He wages more of a spiritual and a mental fight. Jesus was locked and loaded with the truth and ready to defeat him with the word. He was our example as he delivered a total knock down. We too must be prepared for Satan’s tactics if we want to be successful. Part of the victory is understanding that the mind is where the battle begins. We are given powerful weapons to overcome evil wherever it exists.

The fact the devil targets our minds should reveal a message to all. We all have an extraordinary tool that can accomplish phenomenal things. Numerous scriptures testify to the power of the mind: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he (Proverbs 23:7).” If we choose to believe the lies of Satan, then we will become those things. The man who thinks he is a loser and cannot do anything right has a bleak future. However, if a person knows he can do all things through Christ, there are no limits. God’s word tells us to put on the helmet of salvation, guard our minds, and choose our thoughts carefully. It is our responsibility to reject lies, propaganda, and deception. We do this when we arm ourselves with the truth.

Are we utilizing this power as God has intended? As we think on his thoughts and promises, they can become a reality in our lives. Certainly, we have to put some action to our thinking. However, filling our minds with the word is our first step. It will then become a part of who we are as we meditate on it. Scriptures can then act as a shield against evil, safeguard us against worry and doubt, and inspire us to walk in the right direction. Faith can be ignited as we believe the Lord for the big things. We can walk in the abundant life as we trust Jesus as Lord and Savior. Joy can fill our hearts as we choose to be thankful and discard negative thinking. Our minds can be our greatest asset or our worst enemy. If we can believe it, all things are possible.

Ralph and Elizabeth Pyszkowski, your brother and sister In Christ. All comments are welcomed at rpyszkow@gmail.com.