Which woman was the true mother of the baby? This was the question brought before King Solomon.

A mother was desperately pleading for her child as another claimed to be the parent. Both of the ladies gave birth and lived in the same house. One of the babies died in the middle of the night. There were no witnesses and no medical tests to supply the King with evidence. Solomon ordered a sword to be given him and declared he would cut the baby in half. He told the women that he would give them each a part. One lady cried for the child's life and asked for him to be given to the other lady whole. King Solomon recognized the true motherly instincts and gave her the baby. Solomon was famous for his wisdom and it was known that his gift came from God. In the times that we live in, it is essential for people to seek the Lord and his understanding.

The Lord's wisdom is all around us. The Heavens and the Earth are manifestations of his intelligence and they cannot be replicated. We have comprehended a small fraction of the depths of the oceans and the vastness of the universe. There are still many complexities of life that remain mysteries, even to the most brilliant scientific minds. As a child, Jesus astonished the doctors in the temple with his sayings. Before his crucifixion, his insight silenced his adversaries. God has never been perplexed or caught off guard. Even today, his word gives answers to life's toughest questions and gives guidance to many. We can read that wisdom comes from God and he is willing to share this with his children.

It is written in James 1:5: "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him." Our lives are filled with complicated situations. Too many times we make decisions without consulting the Lord. Or we rush ahead of God with our emotions and don't consider his counsel. Often, these moments lead to regrettable outcomes. When we recognize our need for his insight, we will be better off. We should pray for our leaders to operate in the counsel of the Lord. Let us ask him to guide us in every situation. His solutions lead to the best results. He can help us to reach our lost loved ones. Thankfully, he will not withhold from us when we seek him. He promises to give us liberally when we ask him in faith.

Ralph & Elizabeth Pyszkowski, Your Brother & Sister In Christ. (All comments are welcomed at