Mrs. Browning’s 1st Grade class at Hugh Dingess Elementary Santa Lists:

Kaelyn Bryant wants a dog, cat, and turtle.

Emily Mullins wants make-up, money, and an Xbox 1X.

Kaci Collins wants an oven, puppy dog pals, and slime.

Leanna Sansom wants make-up, a dollhouse, and money.

Baylee Dalton wants make-up, a cat, and a horse.

Jackson Petroff wants money, Xbox 1, and LEGOs.

Alexis Berry wants Frosty LEGOs, a pet parrot, and a pet baby snake.

Brooklynn Freshour wants a pet bird, an Apple watch, and LOL dolls.

Daisy Maynard wants a Scruff a Love, makeup, and slime.

Lola Walsh wants a Polly Pocket, LOL dolls, and a rainbow puppy.

Jalyn Hensley wants baby doll stuff, clothes, and money.

Raylan Tomkin wants LEGOs and a RC car.

Gabriel Mullins wants an Xbox 1, RC cars, and a dog.

Harleigh Butler wants makeup, Xbox, and shoes.

Jakobi Rollins wants Blues Clues and You toys, Xbox, and Puppy Dog Pals.

Axel Johnson wants Frosty LEGOs, a baby dog, and a baby turtle.

Isabella Bryant wants LOL dolls, Jojo bows, and a Scruff a Love.

Railyn Lambert wants a LOL doll box, teddy bear, and a LOL ball.

Steven Dingess wants Hot Wheels cars, RC cars, and Xbox.

Jadon Farley wants baby doll clothes, 100 LEGOs, and a computer.

Ryder Tilley wants a Xbox 1 X, iPhone 11 pro, and a TV.