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Sheila McClure from Logan Regional Medical Center.

CITY AND STATE: Logan, West Virginia

TELL US ABOUT THE NURSE: Sheila has been my co-worker for the past six years. Not only is she my best friend but an amazing employee to our practice. Sheila is a single woman who is an inspiration to others. She has been through many hardships, even homeless at one point living in her car and still worked hard not letting it show to her coworkers and patients. I have watched her build her own tiny little home these past few years and catch a tear of excitement when she talks about the progress and never complains over the cuts, bruises and bumps of her hard work. Sheila goes above and beyond in every aspect of her job! Every patient is greeted with a smile and told to have a blessed day when they enter and leave through her door. Nothing has been handed to this lady, and I have watched her work hard to always better her life with any opportunity she can. Not only does she work her job at the doctor’s office but she also cleans, cuts grass and any other odds and ends jobs to making extra money to make ends meet. Sheila is truly someone who could be an inspiration to many others. She is truly one dedicated medical assistant, co-worker, mother, grandmother and friend!

— Submitted by Chasity Cox of Logan, West Virginia

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