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There are several schools of thought when it comes to displaying family photos in your home. Some say just keep them in an album for personal perusing, and some like to plaster the house with them.

Either preference is fine and if you would like to hang just few photos or display them in an interesting fashion here are some suggestions that might help.

Think of an empty wall as your canvas and you are the artist that is going to create a work of art by using family photos. Color could help you highlight and bring order to a group of photos.

Start with the blank wall and whatever color it is painted then do something different with the frames. For example, your wall may be painted a bright green and toned down with wood toned frames or jazzed up with orange frames. Another strategy is to have a neutral wall color and bright frames or neutral frames to have an understated wall. A step further could be to transfer your photos into all sepia shades and pick several colors for the frames and wall.

This could be a fun exercise that one might want to test out before blanketing the wall with what you think would look wonderful and then see it turned into a disaster. Paint is cheap but frames can be expensive so do a test run first.

Arranging the photos in a simple grid is a great way to start however if you enjoy the eclectic perhaps you would like to do something such as have them filling the wall one after another from floor to ceiling. The order in which the photos are hung will be part of the design. A good trick is to lay some broad sheets of paper on the floor then lay out the photos on the paper in the order you intend to hang them.

This will give you a perspective of what it will look like. To further help in hanging the photos draw a line around each photo on the paper then attach the paper to the wall for guidance of where each photo should hang.

Many folks restrict their photos to bedrooms or family rooms however they look great in kitchens, bathrooms and foyers as well.

Photos don't need to just hang on a wall because there are a number of other places they can easily be displayed. They look great interspersed with books on a shelf or on a photo ledge in a dining room or even propped on a window ledge. Sometimes all your favorite photos don't need to be displayed but maybe a few wonderful portraits of those special people or moments in your life are all you need.

If you want to get really creative and add a bit of whimsy to displaying your photos there are some interesting choices to explore. Photos can be turned into a deck of cards, a pair of earrings, wrapping paper or even a wall mural.

Did you know photos can be made into a coloring book, put on the inside of a soap dispenser or cover a Rubik's cube? With today's technology the choices in displaying and hanging your photos are endless.