Dylan Vidovich/Logan Banner A row of lockers is pictured inside a Man High School hallway. In this photo, two of the lockers are missing locks while two others are missing the mechanism entirely.

MAN - The Logan County Board of Education voted to replace lockers at Man High School at its Tuesday meeting at Man High School.

According to LCBOE Vice President Dr. Pat Joe White, a graduate of MHS, the board is now soliciting bids for the project.

Once the bids come in and are approved, the process can be completed as soon as this summer, he said.

"I have been on the board nearly nine years. For over eight years, every time I come here, that's one of the major, if not the major, concern," White said. "When I came here this fall, the secretary was having a horrible time finding enough lockers - usable lockers - for the number of students here in this building."

Many of the lockers in the building are missing locks or have problems with the mechanism getting jammed. The lockers were originally installed when the school was built around 1955-56.

Many of the original locking mechanisms were changed, along with those inside the nearly identical Logan High School, in the early 1990s.