WVRJA Leo Andrew Buggs

LOGAN - A man from Charleston was arrested and charged with daytime burglary and destruction of property in Logan when he claimed to be sent by the "undercover police" in order to burglarize a man's residence.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Logan County Magistrate Court, Cpl. C.A. Crum with the Logan County Sheriff's Department responded to a home on Gemini Street in Logan on July 1 for an active breaking and entering complaint. When Crum arrived, he reportedly saw Leo Andrew Buggs, 39, of Charleston, in the victim's yard walking a dog near a burning pile of furniture. There was another pile of furniture that was sitting in the doorway of the residence.

When Crum asked Buggs what he was doing, he said he was sent by the "undercover police and the commissioner lady that drives a maroon SUV with white writing on the side of it" to destroy a meth lab and the victim's home. The victim said he did not know Buggs.

The victim said he had walked to Speedway to get a bag of ice and some cigarettes. When he returned, he heard glass breaking inside his house. The man went inside to his kitchen and asked Buggs what he was doing.

Buggs reportedly replied, "They sent me" and "I'm shutting this s--- down."

The victim said he looked through his house and noticed that Buggs had busted two televisions, end tables, bed, phone, couch and glass dishes. He said Buggs then took his belongings outside and started burning them.

Buggs was arrested and charged with daytime burglary and destruction of property. He was arraigned by Logan County Magistrate Dwight Williamson on a $50,000 bond and is currently being held at Southwestern Regional Jail.

Dylan Vidovich is a news reporter for HD Media. Contact him by phone at 304-896-5196.