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Logan County Clerk John Turner outlines voting precinct changes during Monday’s meeting of the Logan County Commission.

LOGAN — The Logan County Commission on Monday approved the consolidation of three voting precincts and the relocation of another.

Logan County Clerk John Turner outlined the changes during the commission’s regular session Monday afternoon.

  • Precinct #13, West Logan, which was located in the Logan County Board of Education’s central administrative office, will consolidate with precinct #11, Crooked Creek, which is located at the Logan County Commission’s Resource Center in the old 84 Lumber. Voters who previously voted at the West Logan precinct will now vote at Crooked Creek instead.
  • Precinct #10, Henlawson, located in the Vets Center Outpost Station in the old Henlawson Grade School building, will consolidate with Precinct #14, Justice Addition. Voters who previously voted at the Henlawson precinct will now vote at Justice Grade School instead.
  • Precinct #54, Price Bottom (Holden), will vote with precincts 45A and 45B at the New Cora Fire Department in Holden. 45A and 45B are split Whitman precincts in which 45A residents vote in House of Delegates District 20 and 45B vote in House of Delegates District 24.
  • Precinct #21, Amherstdale, will move from the State Road Garage to Buffalo Grade School.

Turner said notices of the changes have been posted at the precincts and have been previously made public as a legal ad in The Logan Banner. Turner added that residents will also be notified via WVOW Radio and the Facebook page of the Logan County Clerk’s Office.

The changes bring the total number of precincts in Logan County from 36 to 33. Turner said the changes will make voting easier in Logan County and are in line with state election code.

“I did want you to address this so we could make this part of the record and just basically, I wanted to cover four areas — we’re not disenfranchising any voters?” asked commissioner Danny Ellis.

“Absolutely not,” Turner responded.

“We’re not crossing any boundaries?” Ellis asked. “No, sir,” Turner responded.

“We’re not creating any difficulties for any voters?” Ellis asked. “No, sir,” Turner again responded.

In other news regarding the Logan County Clerk’s Office at Monday’s commission meeting, Chris McCartney, a representative for Certified Payments, outlined how the company could make payments easier by adding debit and credit cards as a form of payment for county residents. The company works with 14 counties in the Mountain State already, and the presentation only concerned the Clerk’s Office for now. Commissioners took no action on Monday, but expressed interest.

Commissioners also approved in-house budget revisions for the Logan County Clerk’s Office concerning voting equipment. A more extensive budget revision meeting of the Logan County Commission is set for 10 a.m. Friday.

HD Media news reporter Dylan Vidovich can be contacted via email at dvidovich@HDMediaLLC.com.

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