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Erosion around the sub-base of a Logan County PSD water tank at Mill Creek is in quick need of repair, according to county officials.

LOGAN — The Logan County Commission at their most recent regular session approved $400,000 for an emergency repair project on a water tank at Mill Creek that services approximately 3,800 customers in the Logan County Public Service District.

During the commission’s regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday, Sept. 8, Logan County Administrator Rocky Adkins said the tank is at possibly risk of being lost completely if repairs are not done soon. The tank, which he described as a “very needed and very critical” tank in the Logan County PSD’s system, is suffering from wear and erosion around one side of its sub-base.

Adkins requested commissioners to pledge an emergency sum of $400,000 to aid the PSD in fixing the problem quickly.

He said the project has not been put out to bid yet and could potentially cost more or less.

“Our funds would help support probably 80% of the cost of that, if maybe not more, to go ahead and put in the structures that need to be put in there to keep from putting that water tank in jeopardy,” Adkins said.

Adkins added that the PSD is seeking other funding, but that some of it could take more than a year because of the grant and state-funding nature. He said the PSD needs the money now to repair the tank before it is lost.

According to commission president Danny Godby, the tank is 628,000 gallons, serves more than 3,800 customers and provides water to more than 400 fire hydrants.

Commissioners unanimously voted to approve the $400,000 for the project.

The money will come from the coal reallocation fund from the coal severance budget — which is earmarked for things like economic development and infrastructure — instead of the general budget.

HD Media news reporter Dylan Vidovich can be contacted via email at

HD Media news reporter Dylan Vidovich can be contacted via email at