At left, Logan County Housing Authority Commission Roger Ramey looks on as County Administrator Rocky Adkins details the Housing Authority’s $70,000 request to the commission on Dec. 2.

LOGAN — The Logan County Commission on Monday approved to give $70,000 to the Logan County Housing Authority to cover financial operating fees through June 30, 2020.

According to County Administrator Rocky Adkins, the commission has paid for the properties and attorney fees for the projects the Housing Authority has completed so far, but that money hasn’t shown up in any of their financial statements. A major example of a project recently completed by the Logan County Housing Authority is the Logan Landing Apartment Complex on the east end of Stratton Street, which opened in December 2018 after costing more than $6 million to complete.

“One of the things that’s been asked of them several times on their application about their financial statements, well basically, the programs that they’ve done so far, you all (the commission) have funded on purchasing the property and paying the attorney, and those didn’t show up in any financials for them,” Adkins said. “So basically, instead of them continuing to operate and basically them asking us for money partial and them not having anything substantial to show when they’re making application that ‘This is our financials, we have x number of dollars, this is what we did with them,’ and then also, these would fall under also audited financials that would also have to be made because the Housing Authority falls under state code.”

Adkins asked the commission to approve $70,000 to be used to cover what fees the Housing Authority would have through June 30, 2020.

“We’re already paying them anyhow, but it allows them to develop a set of financials that they are operating and they’re making decisions on based upon us just paying,” Adkins said. “So it kind of puts the onus where it should be in you all authorizing the development of the Housing Authority. This lets them operate as a Housing Authority should with their own financials and everything.”

Logan County Housing Authority Commissioner Roger Ramey compared it to buying a vehicle.

“When you go to buy a car, if you don’t have a job and no income, your loan is probably not going to be approved,” Ramey said. “But if we have some money in the bank that shows that we are fiscally responsible for our actions and what we do, it bodes well for us to apply for these other grants and what not for this area. So actually, the county’s paying for it, but now the county will be putting the responsibility for us to manage that.”

The commission approved the $70,000.

In other financial requests, the commission gave $1,000 to the Holden 22 Miners Memorial Find, Inc. and $250 to the annual Dignity Hospice Christmas card event.

In other news from Monday’s county commission meeting, commissioners:

  • Approved the reappointment of John Kovach to the Great Kanawha Resource Conservation and Development Board.
  • Approved the reappointment of Mike Stone to the Logan County Public Service District Board.
  • Accepted a $30,000 Justice Assistance (JAG) Grant for the Logan County Sheriff’s Department to be utilized to support the positions of Prevention Resource Officers.
  • Accepted a $45,000 JAG Grant for the LCSD to be used to provide for officer salaries to continue a multi-jurisdictional drug and violence crime task force.
  • Discussed the recent COPS Office School Violence Prevention Program Grant Award (SVPP) to the LCSD, which was electronically signed and approved by Commission President Danny Godby.

Dylan Vidovich is a news reporter for HD Media. Contact him by phone at 304-896-5196.