Dylan Vidovich/Logan Banner Crews dig into the road in front of Nu-Era Bakery in downtown Logan on Tuesday to lay conduit for fiber-optic lines.

LOGAN - Continuing to prepare for the eventual demolition of the collapsed Sayer building, contractors began work this week in downtown Logan to bury the city's fiber-optic lines.

The lines, which provide Suddenlink Internet service, were previously suspended from poles. However, before a crew can begin demolition on the building, no utility lines can be in place.

According to Mayor Serafino Nolletti, the work being done by contractors this week is to lay the electrical conduit below the road about three or four feet deep. After the conduit is in place, he said, Suddenlink will come in and lay the cable through the conduit.

Nolletti said he hopes the conduit work will be completed by Friday. If so, he said, Suddenlink could start laying the lines soon, but he was unsure of when that would begin or how long it could take.

"It'll really be an improvement to the downtown area not having those lines suspended," Nolletti said.

These are the second utility lines to be modified following the building's collapse. Appalachian Electric Power relocated their lines May 11.

The next agency in line is the West Virginia Department of Transportation, which manages the road at the intersection where the building is located and has some infrastructure such as traffic signals.

On Wednesday, WVDOT District Manager Scott Eplin was in town working with city officials on a plan, since the road, which is currently shut down for safety reasons, is the WVDOT's emergency detour for the new hospital bridge project and the alternate route for superloads.

"We all are partners and stakeholders in this," Eplin said. "We're trying to come up with a solution. We do have a signal and some things that we have to adjust and work on to try and salvage it, so it's not damaged any further from the demolition process."