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CHAPMANVILLE - Country Roads Wedding Chapel in Chapmanville bills itself as a one-stop wedding shop. Owner Kristie Ojeda offers wedding packages starting at $150.

Born in Huntington in 1974, Ojeda became the manager of the Chapmanville Towers six years ago, but her "dream job" has always been Country Roads.

"It actually started about four years ago now," she said. "When I was looking to get married, I didn't belong to a church. I couldn't find anything that was small, elegant and in a price range that I needed or wanted to stay within."

To find the kind of service she was searching for, she went to Huntington.

"I had to do everything myself, and I still spent $6,000," she said. "I even did the pasta salad myself for the reception. Renting the church, finding a church - because I didn't belong to a church - was hard. I had to go to Huntington to get married, when all that money could have stayed right here in Logan County."

Country Roads Wedding Chapel features a 20-seat chapel, bridal suite and groom's chambers.

"Some people just go to the courthouse," Ojeda said. "This is a beautiful alternative. You don't even have to worry about decorating. It's all here."

In addition to a range of wedding packages, Angel Adkins Photography charges $150 per wedding.

"We also do on Facebook a video montage of your whole wedding, so you get these social media perks that you can share and keep and put it on YouTube and save it," Ojeda said. "You can download all of her photos if you use the professional photographer and take it to Walmart, and you have a copyright to it."

Ojeda opened Country Roads Wedding Chapel in September 2018, and her first wedding was in November. Since then, six brides have walked down the business' aisle.

Layaway is also available.

"I'm looking into wedding dresses that you could be able to rent, but right now I'm in my infancy," she said. "I wouldn't do tuxedos because it's not that big yet, but I would do suits and jackets and dresses. That's already been a plan."

Sometimes Ojeda - herself an ordained minister - takes her services to brides and grooms anywhere in the state.

"We can take these services, the minister service, and go anywhere in West Virginia, and the photographer would go, too," she said. "But I'm not setting up the whole elaborate ceremony like here. They have to provide all that. You would just get the minister's service and the additional charge of the photographer."

Country Roads also performs civil, Christian, interdenominational, commitment and vow renewal ceremonies.

Country Roads Wedding Chapel is located at 205 Main St., in Chapmanville. Ojeda can be reached at 304-855-4713 or For more information, visit