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LOGAN — Logan County Health Department Administrator Steve Browning is hopeful that the county’s COVID-19 numbers continue to dwindle as more and more citizens become vaccinated.

“It’s coming down pretty steadily,” Browning said. “I think right now, our average daily cases is below five, so that’s getting better, and hopefully, that continues to drop and we can get down to, maybe, five a week would be nice, you know, that would be a lot better, more of a welcome change.”

As of Monday, Logan County had 78 active cases of the virus with nine hospitalizations. Overall, there have been 2,999 cases recorded in Logan County since March 25, 2020, with 2,838 of those considered recovered and 83 deaths.

The Logan County Health Department’s previous update last Thursday showed the county to have 79 active cases and an overall cumulative total of 2,994, meaning only five new cases were added over that four-day period. One day prior to that, last Wednesday, the county had a cumulative total of 2,986, which meant Thursday’s update saw an increase of eight cases.

Browning said continued vaccinations throughout the community will help the numbers decrease even more. He said he hopes to see his goal of five new cases per week in the next month or two.

“I’m hoping that we’ll see that sooner than later,” Browning said. “It’s a good situation where we’re vaccinating people on a relatively steady basis, and that’s going to help our numbers. If we can just get to be able to finish out here strong in the next month, I’m hoping that by June, we’re in really good shape.”

Browning does not rule out the possibility of another spike in cases, but says that it would like be among certain groups of unvaccinated people.

“That’s a hard thing to say,” Browning said. “I’m sure it’s like anything else, that if it gets in little pockets or if you get an outbreak among people that’s unvaccinated, you know, maybe you could see a flare-up, but I’m hoping that our days of consistent big numbers are over. I’m hopeful of that.”

Regional vaccination clinics continue to be held in Logan County. A free vaccine clinic was held for the public at Logan High School’s Willie Akers Arena before the start of the Logan vs. Man basketball game March 29.

Browning said more free clinics such as that one are planned to be held at future ball games and other events. He also reminds the public that most of West Virginia’s population is now eligible to receive the vaccine at any regional clinic.

“If you want a vaccine, they’re not hard to get now,” Browning said.

The vaccine that was administered before the March 29 ball game was the two-dose Moderna shot. For future vaccine clinics that are held at ball games and other events, Browning said the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine might be provided for easier administration.

“They have talked about maybe giving Johnson & Johnson in the future for events such as that so it’s only a one-time shot,” Browning said. “You don’t have to try to arrange for a return date on that, and that would be an easier thing for people to do to just go ahead and get one shot and not have to worry about trying to come back to get the second dose.”

For more information about getting tested or vaccinated, the Logan County Health Department can be contacted by calling 304-792-8630. Residents may also pre-register for a vaccine on the web at http://dhhr.wv.gov.

According to the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, there were 6,854 6,263 current active cases of COVID-19 statewide as of 10 a.m. Tuesday, with 277 of those received over the previous 24 hours, for a 3.42% daily positivity rate. That’s more active cases than the 6,263 this time last week.

There have been 144,010 cumulative cases recorded statewide, which is an additional 2,688 cases from this time a week ago. There have been 2,707 deaths; 11 of those deaths were recorded over the previous 24 hours.

For vaccines, 530,328 total first-dose vaccines have been administered, with 355,892 West Virginians fully vaccinated.

HD Media news reporter Dylan Vidovich can be contacted via email at dvidovich@HDMediaLLC.com.

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