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LOGAN — The upcoming 2020 holiday season is already showing itself in downtown Logan.

Beginning last week, crews from the city’s street department began stringing up the annual “Season’s Greetings” wreaths and the other decorations throughout town, despite it being early November. After the decorations were put up, Logan Mayor Serafino took to Facebook and said the timing was “just because we ALL needed some happiness in this day and time!”

The decorations throughout town this year feature a notable new array of lights that are strung from each side of the streets. They can be seen on Dingess, Main and Stratton streets.

A large Christmas tree, one that is lit brightly once the sun goes down, has also been erected in the city’s welcome lot where the Sayer building used to stand. Beside it is the gazebo that motorists have come to expect when entering downtown.

Although Dec. 25 is still 37 days from the time of this publication, it really is “beginning to look a lot like Christmas” in downtown Logan.