Tracy Vickers Community Center Director Stacy Bell works crafts with children during the center’s story time event on Jan. 23.

CHAPMANVILLE — The Tracy Vickers Community Center in Chapmanville has been awarded $1,000 in grant funding for its monthly children’s story time activity.

In October, the TVCC began a monthly event for children that usually includes a themed craft, themed snacks and the reading of a story. Shortly after it began, a Chapmanville-area teacher got TVCC director Stacy Bell in contact with Logan County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Debrina Williams, who serves on the board for the WSAZ Children’s Charities Grant.

After gathering the necessary information together, Bell applied and was approved for the grant in the max amount of $1,000. The money helps the story time program stay free for the community.

Bell said the story time event has been a hit with local children and parents alike, and each month, she has seen kids show up.

“I pick at least one day a month, and we have story time. The kids come out — this past month, they were able to make birdfeeders, and they always have themed crafts,” Bell said. “I usually do their snacks with them. They sit around and they talk, and parents and adults even come to participate — even if they don’t have kids that they bring out — they come out and participate, too. I thought that it would be something really good to start in the community. It gives kids a little bit of an outlet to come after school hours and just, kind of, express themselves and, you know, crafts, and have friends and have a little bit of fun in the community and in the area.”

The TVCC is known for its various community-driven activities geared especially toward children and seniors, including free outdoor movies, family game nights, and a senior meal program. The TVCC has partnered with PRIDE Community Services in Logan, which provides much of the resources for the events, according to Bell.

“A lot of times, you hear people say that there’s not anything to do in this area,” Bell said. “One of my main goals is to continue to work hard to try to provide things for kids and adults to interact in.”

Dylan Vidovich is a news reporter for HD Media. Contact him by phone at 304-896-5196.