Courtesy of Dan Whitt The sixth annual Gypsy Fest will be held in Crawley Creek this Friday and Saturday.

CHAPMANVILLE - The annual Crawley Creek festival known as Gypsy Fest will return for its sixth year this weekend.

The brainchild of Crawley Creek resident Dan Whitt, Gypsy Fest is a two-day festival held every year featuring live music from artists that come from both in and out of state, a food vendor and what Whitt just calls a good time for people who come out. Despite some budget strains this year and the festival now being held on his own property, Whitt isn't slowing down.

"We're still on Crawley, it's still a Crawley Creek thing," Whitt said. "I had the opportunity to take it different places. We could take it to anywhere we want to take it to, but it started out as a Crawley thing and it's going to remain a Crawley thing."

A brand new stage has been constructed on the property. Many of this year's music acts have played the festival in the past. The schedule this year includes Chris Poindexter, Brittany Avery, Pistol Hill, the Hutchinson Brothers, Rick Curry and the Curry Tones, and Elijah Adkins from Mud Fork.

Whitt says Trail 12 Barbecue will hopefully have a vendor open at the festival especially on Saturday.

"We're back to baby steps; we took baby steps before," Whitt said. "We fell down below, everything's like a yo-yo, you're up and down. This year, we're down some, but I believe it's going to really surprise me more how up we are more than we are down."

Open-container drinking is allowed.

"If people want to bring them something - a beverage and stuff - if they act civil with it, it remains civil," Whitt said. "It doesn't ever get out of hand, and we're not going to ever get it out of hand."

This year's Gypsy Fest will be held at 242 Debbie Drive, Chapmanville. Whitt said plenty of parking will be available toward his house in his yard, and it's about a 2- to 4-minute walk to where the festival is being held.

The festival gets underway at 5 p.m. Friday and 1 p.m. Saturday.

Dylan Vidovich is a news reporter for HD Media. Contact him by phone at 304-896-5196.