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CHAPMANVILLE — A man from Harts is behind bars after he reportedly fought police officers while they were trying to process his arrest.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Logan County Magistrate Court, the incident happened after Cpl. Nick Tucker with the Logan County Sheriff’s Department performed a traffic stop on Saturday, June 27 near the AEP substation at Stone Branch Hollow Road near Chapmanville. According to the complaint, when Tucker approached the vehicle, he noticed that the driver, Jamie Sheppard, 44, moved around and put a clear baggy between his legs and seat.

Tucker asked Sheppard to step out of the vehicle and he reportedly noticed a firearm in the middle of the seat between Sheppard and the passenger, Hugh Douglas Conley, 39, of Harts. Tucker grabbed the firearm and secured it and Conley was asked to step out of the vehicle.

A check of the men through Logan County 911 revealed that Sheppard was driving revoked for DUI and Conley was a prohibited person in possession of a firearm due to an arrest for operating a clandestine meth lab. Sheppard was placed under arrest for being a prohibited person with a firearm.

Police say that while being taken for processing, Conley repeated made threats toward the officers, stating that he would “catch Tucker out.” When they arrived for processing, Conley was walked inside and the officers took his handcuffs off for fingerprinting.

When they did so, Conley reportedly turned around in a fighting stance with his hands up and swung at the officers. Conley hit Cpl. Crum with a left closed fist to the right side of the chin, and then swung again with a closed left fist and struck Deputy B.K. Ratliff in the left cheekbone.

A brief altercation with Conley then occurred, with Conley attempting to grab and pull on Ratliff’s holster to grab his gun. The altercation culminated in police being able to put Conley back in handcuffs.

Conley is charged with prohibited person in possession of a firearm, malicious assault, and obstructing an officer. He is currently being held at Southwestern Regional Jail. No bond information is listed.

Sheppard is also behind bars at SWRJ on a $1,500 multiple 10% and surety bond.

Dylan Vidovich is a news reporter for HD Media. Contact him by phone at 304-896-5196.