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CHAPMANVILLE - Riders of the Hatfield McCoy Trail in the Chapmanville area can now take advantage of the town's connector for the Bearwallow Trail System, which opened Wednesday.

The trail to Chapmanville starts just past Verdunville Elementary School on Butler Hill Road and then comes out at Eagles Roost Road at the Crawley Creek Dip. To access town, riders must use Upper Crawley to Crawley Creek Road into town.

The north section of trails goes from Crawley Dip to Caney Branch through the mountains.

Chapmanville Police are urging all riders in the Chapmanville area to follow the rules set in place by the Hatfield McCoy Trail System. These include:

n All riders both on the trail system and on the approved streets in Chapmanville must have a DOT, SNELL or other approved helmet and eye protection.

n User permit required for all drivers and passengers

n All operators and passengers must meet manufacturer's minimum age and size requirements.

n No one under the age of 6 is allowed on the trails or streets of Chapmanville under any circumstances.

n Any operator or passenger under age 16 must be under the direct supervision or within eyesight of their parent or guardian at all times.

n Riders must obey all signs, gates and barriers and stay on marked trails and streets.

n Trails and streets are only open during daylight hours to riders.

Violators of any of the rules and regulations are subject to charges.

A complete list of trail rules and regulations and an updated map of the Bearwallow Trail that includes the new Chapmanville connector can be found on the Hatfield McCoy Trails website at www.trailsheaven.com.