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HOT CUP — “They said it wouldn’t last six months” is a phrase Hot Cup owner Michael Cline often likes to say about the opening of the coffee shop in Logan a decade ago.

Hot Cup in Logan opened its doors on Oct. 17, 2011. The humble hometown coffee shop began as a sort of “hole in the wall” location at 50 Water St., before moving in 2013 to its current spot at 201 Stratton St., inside the former White & Browning building. Cline has renamed the building to Stark Tower since purchasing it in late 2020.

In the 10 years since Hot Cup opened, the shop has become a spot for local artists, musicians and others in the Logan area to shine. The shop is riddled with local artwork for sale, albums produced by local musicians, a menu of beverages and food items, an array of movie posters and figures, an antique piano and even a Harry Potter room.

To celebrate the occasion, Hot Cup hosted a party Saturday night that included costumes, music, dancing and food. With the exception of last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Cline hosts an anniversary party around the same time each year.

Every party is a little different in how Cline makes his entrance. The guests, who are privately invited, are first treated to a reel of highlights from previous anniversary parties. Then, they go outside and await Cline’s arrival.

One year, Cline arrived via a hearse; another year by helicopter. This year, Cline rode Stratton Street on horseback, greeting the privately invited guests with cigars and a group picture.

Cline lives in Stark Tower along with his girlfriend, Gwendolyn Rainwater. He is currently renovating the upper floors of the historic building for office and lodging use.

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