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Logan County Housing Authority board member Joel McNeely holds up a copy of their resolution adopting the county’s 2019 housing plan during the Housing Authority’s regular session Wednesday, April 14.

LOGAN — During their regular session Wednesday, April 14, the Logan County Housing Authority passed a resolution adopting the Logan County Commission’s housing plan from 2019.

The plan, originally adopted by the Logan County Commission on April 9, 2019, extensively outlines how to address issues with housing in Logan County through research, public opinion and statistical data. It details a long list of plans for the county, funding resources, statistics and land development for housing and rental properties.

The resolution the Housing Authority passed allowed for them to adopt the same plan the commission did. The resolution itself condenses the main goals of the plan into seven strategic goals:

  1. Create a Housing Task Force
  2. Ensure that all citizens have access to affordable housing
  3. Assist cities, towns and unincorporated communities in creating vibrant neighborhoods
  4. Increase single-family affordable housing stock
  5. Creation of a homeless shelter
  6. Increase affordable rental housing
  7. Explore creation of Recovery Center

“You all have no idea what this is going to be for the future of this county,” said Housing Authority board member Joel McNeely. “You have no idea. It’s going to make some people mad. Now don’t get me wrong, it ain’t all pretty, but it’s something that’s been needed, is it not?”

“It is needed,” responded board member Scotty Dingess.

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