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Art students at Logan High School have created a large ceramic mosaic of unique tiles in the school’s student center.

LOGAN — Art students at Logan High School have been busy creating a large mosaic of ceramic tiles, each containing something different for each student who painted it.

LHS art teacher Stephen Justice said the project began last year and has been ongoing even through the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Located in the school’s student center, which is near the art classroom, the mosaic contains dozens of ceramic tiles painted with various things that Justice said was unique to the student who painted it.

In the center of the mosaic is a set of slightly larger six-inch tiles pieced together to make a design of the school’s mascot, the Wildcat. The center piece was painted by art student Meghan Newsome.

“What I did is I had each student draw a four-inch by four-inch drawing of something that meant to something to them, something that they liked, or one of their favorite things,” Justice said. “Some of them are sports. They play sports and stuff, so they did stuff that’s sports related, like putting their number on there. Some of them did a landscape scene. Some of them did cartoons. You’ll see all kinds of different cartoons like SpongeBob, Mickey Mouse, you know. Some of them are racecars and things like that — things that meant something to them that were personal to them, you know. I thought that was cool.”

The mosaic is pretty sizable, Justice said, at around four to five feet square. He said his colleagues at LHS helped make the project possible.

“The Faculty Senate, you know, the people here at Logan High School, my colleagues and everything, they were very humble with some money to support this project,” Justice said, “and they wanted something — Mrs. Stanley wanted something — for the kids, and first we talked about a mural and then I said, ‘Man, why don’t we do a ceramic mosaic?’ “

Justice added that the projects will continue even further, saying that he is already thinking of some ideas for art projects in the school’s main hallway and cafeteria.

“We’re continuing on with these projects,” he said. “Faculty Senate and stuff, they gave me more money just a couple weeks ago to buy more tiles and more glaze to continue making more and more and more, so we’re going to expand it and each student at Logan High School that has art class will get to do a tile, and I’m going to try to work out something to where even kids that aren’t in the art class, if they want to do a tile, they can, or maybe I can have a special day where we can do that, or even graduates or something.”

In the meantime, Justice said another mosaic just like it will be created on the opposite side of the door where the current one is located.

“In the beginning, I thought I was just going to cover that entire wall and keep going and then go around the other wall,” Justice said, “but it looks so good like it is right now with that white background, what I’m going to do is on the other side of the door there, we’re going to put another one just like it, only maybe a different center piece.”

Justice said he’s thinking about using the LHS emblem for the center piece in the upcoming mosaic.

HD Media news reporter Dylan Vidovich can be contacted via email at dvidovich@HDMediaLLC.com.

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