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Members of the Logan High School Beta Club pose for a photo after winning numerous awards at the state Beta Convention on Nov. 3-4.

The Logan High School Beta Club racked up dozens of awards at the state Beta Convention held Nov. 3-4.

Logan High placed in 53 competition categories including academics, technology and arts. Twenty categories received a first-place recognition.

For the third year in a row, a Logan High School student was named state Beta president. Junior Raylee Sipple will begin her tenure of office July 1, 2022.

The LHS Beta Club awards are:

  1. AgriScience 10th Grade — 1st Place: Caitlyn White
  2. AgriScience 11th Grade — 1st Place: Luke Spurlock
  3. AgriScience 12th Grade — 1st Place: Kaylee Hensley
  4. AgriScience 9th Grade — 1st Place: Carter Neal
  5. Black and White Photography Division II — 3rd Place: Lainey Trent
  6. Color Photography Division I — 3rd Place: Madison Haugen
  7. Creative Writing Division I — 1st Place: Hillary Gore
  8. Creative Writing Division II — 3rd Place: Hannah Thompson
  9. Digital Art Division I — 2nd Place: Dalanee Hatcher
  10. Drawing Division II — 1st Place: Brooklyn White
  11. Engineering 3rd Place: Kolton Goldie, Jackson Akers, Jordan Hayes, Sam Adkins, Matthew Hutchinson
  12. Fiber Arts Division II — 2nd Place: Allie Burton
  13. Freshman Problem Solving — 1st Place: Kevin Chen and Nina Porter
  14. Jewelry Division I — 2nd Place: Taylor Noe
  15. Jewelry Division II — 3rd Place: Emma Elkins
  16. Language Arts 10th Grade -2nd Place: Joseph Canterbury
  17. Language Arts 12th Grade — 1st Place: Rebekah Mahone
  18. Language Arts 9th Grade — 2nd Place: Ashton McDonald
  19. Marketing & Communications — 3rd Place: Maggie Mahone, Caitlyn White, Suzannah Meade
  20. Math 10th Grade — 2nd Place: Maggie Mahone
  21. Math 11th Grade — 1st Place: Brenna Buskirk
  22. Math 12th Grade — 3rd Place: Brooke Ooten
  23. Math 9th Grade — 2nd Place: Robert Ilderton
  24. Mixed Media Division I — 1st Place: Dalanee Hatcher
  25. Onsite Drawing Division II — 2nd Place: Anthony Page Jr.
  26. Onsite Painting Division II — 3rd Place: Aiden Amick
  27. Painting Division I — 1st Place: Savannah Vannatter
  28. Painting Division II — 2nd Place: Brenna Buskirk
  29. Poetry Division I -2nd Place: Halle Crouse
  30. Poetry Division II — 1st Place: Brenna Buskirk
  31. Portfolio — 1st Place: Rosey Gillette, Chloe Bryant and Lainey Trent
  32. Quiz Bowl Oral Rounds — 2nd Place: Tristan Burgess, Will Stanley, Rylee Hensley, Rebekah Mahone
  33. Quiz Bowl Written Rounds — 3rd Place: Tristan Burgess, Will Stanley, Rylee Hensley, Rebekah Mahone
  34. Recyclable Art Division I — 3rd Place: Suzannah Meade
  35. Recyclable Art Division II — 2nd Place: Elizabeth Sheppard
  36. Robotics Showcase — 2nd Place: Mason Skidmore, Chase Hatfield, Carter Neal, Maggie Mahone, Eric Chen
  37. Science 10th Grade — 3rd Place: Eric Chen
  38. Science 12th Grade — 3rd Place: Ashton Abbott
  39. Service-Learning Showcase — 1st Place: Payton Butcher
  40. Social Studies 11th Grade — 2nd Place: Rylee Hensley
  41. Social Studies 12th Grade — 3rd Place: William Stanley III
  42. Social Studies 9th Grade — 3rd Place: Addyson Amick
  43. Spanish 10th Grade — 2nd Place: Mason Skidmore
  44. Spanish 11th Grade — 2nd Place: Mara Van Daff
  45. Spanish 12th Grade — 2nd Place: Jackson Akers
  46. Speech Division I — 2nd Place: Jacob France
  47. Speech Division II — 1st Place: Brooke Ooten
  48. Technology — 1st Place: Rosey Gillette
  49. 3D Design — 1st Place: Chase Hatfield and Aiden Amick
  50. 2D Design — 1st Place: Bobbi Bradshaw, Isabella Mark, Aiden Martin, Emilee Mullins
  51. Woodworking Division I — 1st Place: Jordan Preece-Nichols
  52. State Officer: President Raylee Sipple
  53. Campaign Skit — 1st Place: Allie Burton, Cortlyn Dean, Kaylee Hensley, Mara Van Daff.

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