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Members of the Logan Lions Club participate in a litter cleanup along the new W.Va. 10 highway to Man on Saturday, April 17.

LOGAN — Trash cleanup efforts have continued heavily in Logan County throughout the month of April.

During the Logan County Commission’s regular session Monday, April 26, county code enforcer Ray Perry detailed several of the recent trash cleanup events. He started with a cleanup Saturday, April 24, by Alpha Natural Resources from the Ralph R. Willis Career and Technical School to the Appalachian Outpost exit on new W.Va. 10, as well as Rum Creek.

On Thursday, April 22, Perry said the City of Logan Fire Department collected half a ton of garbage from the old State Police bridge, the W.Va. 44/73 intersection and the lower Fountain Place Mall (Tractor Supply) exit.

“To put that in perspective, if you got a fine for having a half a ton of garbage on your property, that’s a jailable offense,” Perry said.

Roughly two tons of garbage were collected during cleanups by the Logan Lions Club and Logan County Station #2 on Saturday, April 17. Additionally, the week prior, Perry said a whopping 20.4 tons of garbage was cleaned from two open dump sites by the Logan County Solid Waste Authority, in cooperation with the Logan County Commission and the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection’s Rehabilitation Environmental Action Plan (REAP) program.

Additionally, the City of Logan has been sponsoring various cleanup events. On Tuesday, April 20, a large litter cleanup was held at the Fountain Place Mall, which cleared the grassy banks of the mall and surrounding areas.

“They picked up everything from campaign signs to just run-of-the-mill garbage to remainders of where there had been car accidents,” Perry said. “Just everything.”

Perry said that, hopefully, the cleanups will encourage residents to be more mindful of what they do with their trash. Perry is the person to call at 304-792-8625 for any resident to schedule a cleanup in their area.

“If a community wants to do that, they should schedule that, because it would be very difficult if you have a cleanup on Garrett’s Fork and you have a cleanup on Big Trace over at Harts, and you have another cleanup on Riddles Branch up Huff Creek,” Perry said. “It would be almost impossible to get all that picked up in the timeframe that would keep it from being scattered again.”

County Commission President Danny Godby said the commission has a service in which they come and pick up larger items like refrigerators.

“I just hope this will stay and people will continue to, keep fresh within their minds, picking up this trash,” Godby said. “Once again, every year, we have those cleanup days in Logan, Man and Chapmanville, but let me remind people, too, larger objects like refrigerators, stoves, things of that sort — instead of throwing along the highway or driving up some hollow and dumping it out over a hill, we have people here that will come and pick that up.”

Perry said if a refrigerator is set out for pickup, the doors must be removed or a chain with a lock must be put on them.

Perry said he’d like to see cleanup efforts expand out into the streams of the county. He said the county is in the process of holding a major river cleanup at the newly installed boat ramp at Man, which he said is inundated with tires at one section.

“I sent the coordinates Friday to the DEP,” Perry said. “If you go down to one section of the river, there in between the boat ramp and the new clinic, you can almost literally walk across the river on tires when the river’s low, so they’re going to check and see if a study of that section of the river has been done for this crayfish that’s endangered, and if not, they’re going to do the study and then they’re going to come in and help us pull all of those tires out of the river.”

Perry said a trailer will arrive Monday, May 3, to haul off roughly 500 tires that have already been collected.

“If nothing else that they take away from it, keep your trash in your car until you get to a car wash,” Perry said. “There’s plenty of trash cans there. It’s a state law. The city has trash cans all over the place. The county, any properties they own like over at the lake and places, you have to provide trash cans. Or, keep it until you get home. There’s no need to throw it out the window.”

Perry and Logan County Prosecuting Attorney David Wandling said catching litterers is a difficult task. Wandling said only six littering tickets were written in Logan County in 2020.

The two also said if a name is found on something like a receipt in a bag of trash, that can be brought in as evidence to fine that person for littering. Perry warned not to let anyone haul off your garbage.

“If somebody comes up and offers to haul your trash off for $20, no, don’t do that,” Perry said, “because I’m going to find their name up Pine Creek or somewhere in a pile of garbage and then whenever I go to them, it’s an elderly person and they’re like, ‘Well, this guy offered to haul it off.’ ”

Perry also noted if someone finds a name in garbage, it should be left where it is instead of being brought in, saying that it could lead to a false accusation.

“I get a lot of calls from people that say, ‘Well, I picked up this garbage and I found a name in it,’ ” Perry said. “Well, that’s great. They should call and leave the garbage where it’s at so that I can get a photograph of the name with the garbage, because I could go up here at any trash can and pick out somebody’s name that I didn’t like and snap a picture of it.”

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