Bill France reads a copy of national publication DJ Times Magazine from January 2020 that features an article about his DJ business.

LOGAN — A local DJ was recently featured in a national publication.

In December, Logan County native Bill France announced that his DJ service — named DJ Bill France — was celebrating its 30th anniversary in business. The announcement garnered the attention of Con Carney, the editor of DJ Times, a national magazine.

“I received an email from this guy that I had no idea who he was … he said, ‘Would you be willing to do a story?’” France said. “The only thing I can figure is when I announced that I was celebrating 30 years of DJ’ing and I had that article — I had boosted the article so people would be able to see it beyond my page — all I can figure out is that he saw it, and I said, ‘Yes, absolutely, I would do that.’ ”

France said Carney had researched him and knew about his other involvements, including teaching and local theatrical productions.

The magazine article, titled “Rust Belt DJ Retools & Adapts,” was published in January. It details how France has maintained his business in an area that has been economically disadvantaged by the increased decline in the coal industry, as well as France’s downsize — yet upgrade — of his DJ equipment.

“I was pretty candid with him,” France said. “He specifically was asking about the economy and the challenges of a mobile DJ in an area like Logan, and I told him there are ups and there are downs. The closing of the mines was pretty tough on all area businesses including myself, but now we’re moving into tourism, and DJs are needed for tourism. I said, ‘So I think we’re kind of on the upswing again.’ ”

“It’s probably the most candid interview that I’ve ever given anyone, because he just asked the right questions, and he did a good job putting it together,” France said. “It came out really, really well, and I was very proud that they did it.”

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