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Logan County Schools Assistant Superintendent Darlene Dingess Adkins details the county’s ambitious summer program during the Logan County Board of Education’s meeting Tuesday, April 27.

LOGAN — Logan County Schools will offer extensive summer programs for students this year aimed at helping fill in the gaps caused by instruction lost during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Assistant Superintendent Darlene Dingess Adkins outlined the program during the Logan County Board of Education’s regular session Tuesday, April 27. She said the county has received about $666,000 in federal funding set aside for summer extended-year and extended-day learning.

Dingess Adkins said focus group meetings were held around the county with parents, business leaders, principals, teachers and students on how to approach the summer program this year. The program will allow students at all grade levels who want to participate to pick from several different schedules that work for them.

The summer programs will offer a wide variety of services such as ACT/SAT prep, STEM learning, Imagine Math, English/Language Arts instruction, writing camps, credit recovery and more. Each session is divided into two weeks.

The county has main five sites that will be used for the summer learning programs, as well as the annual Energy Express program:

  • Chapmanville Regional High School — for Chapmanville area students in grades K-12
  • Logan Middle School — for Logan area students in grades K-12
  • Man Elementary/Middle School — for Man area students in grades K-12
  • Buffalo Elementary School — for students in grades K-5 in the Buffalo Elementary area
  • Omar Elementary School — for students in grades K-5 in the Omar Elementary area

4-H clubs will meet weekly.

Additionally, the Ralph R. Willis Career and Technical Center will also be open for vocational students to receive additional hands-on hours to receive their industry certifications. Dingess Adkins said a survey showed that almost 100% of those students are willing to put in that extra summer time.

Two administrators, paid through the summer extended funding, have been hired to oversee the program and will work eight-hour days each week beginning May 3. Three counselors will be at the three larger K-12 sites, and they will visit the other three smaller sites periodically.

Energy Express will begin June 21, and other students will begin June 22.

Logan County Schools has also rented every shelter at Chief Logan State Park beginning the week of June 22 and ending July 30. The older students will use the park in the morning for writing camps and STEM classes, and the younger students will be transported to the park every afternoon for a literacy program that integrates science.

Every two weeks, middle and high school students from each area can participate in swimming at the Chief Logan State Park pool. Eligibility to swim will be based on attendance.

“We have looked at the number of failing students, but this program is not just for failing students,” Dingess Adkins said. “This is a summer opportunity to children to have a summer like none other. There will be two Saturday expeditions. Now, we have not decided where we are going with those, but they may be to the Columbus Zoo, they may be to Books-a-Million and Farmer’s Markets in Charleston. We’ve put out some thoughts and ideas, and we want our two new administrators to be part of that decision, and families will be invited to go with their children, and we will approve them as chaperones and we will run buses on these Saturday expeditions.”

Like with the swimming, Dingess Adkins said students must have good attendance in order to qualify for the Saturday expeditions.

Dingess Adkins said the county has funding to hold the summer programs for three years.

“This is not just a one-and-done, this is not just one summer,” Dingess Adkins said. “We know in one summer, they’re not going to recoup what they’ve lost the past year. This is three years, and we’ve got federal funds for three years.”

Meals will be provided to participating students through the county’s summer feeding program.

For more information, visit http://boe.logan.k12.wv.us.

HD Media news reporter Dylan Vidovich can be contacted via email at dvidovich@HDMediaLLC.com.

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