Dylan Vidovich/Logan Banner Members of the Logan County Sheriff's Department and Man High School students and administrators are pictured with the newly-redesigned PRO police cruiser on Tuesday.

MAN - Members of the Logan County Sheriff's Department joined administrators and students of Man High School Tuesday afternoon for the unveiling of the department's newly redesigned cruiser for the Prevention Resource Officer (PRO) program.

The cruiser, which is assigned to PRO Officer Cpl. Derrick Miller, now features distinct markings complete with the program's name, American symbols such as the flag and bald eagle and a large sheriff's badge with the LCSD's name and the flag of West Virginia inside. Sheriff Sonya M. Dingess Porter said the department's initiative to rebrand the cruiser was to increase both safety and student engagement.

"We've been looking at the PRO program quite a bit and what's working and not working in other schools and districts across the United States, and what we found is during active shooter situations, a lot of these cruisers were unmarked or placed in the back," Porter said. "What we found is they are now marking these cruisers up to make them more identifiable to let the people know that law enforcement is here.

"It's also a tool to help with the children, to get them engaged," she added. "It's just a nice tool to get them engaged with law enforcement. ... But again, first and foremost, it's a safety factor."

According to Porter, the cruiser will be parked near the front of the school's entrance every day to let the public know an officer is on site. She says that if the budget allows, the department would like to update the markings of the cruiser assigned to their other assigned PRO officer in Logan.


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