Courtesy of Amber Miller-Viars The City of Logan launched the "Okayest Moms" T-shirt campaign in March.

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LOGAN - The City of Logan launched a meaningful T-shirt campaign in March. The "Okayest Mom and Woman Club" group was created to inspire women to support each other in tough challenges and lift one another up.

The campaign has raised money to benefit projects that are free to the community in the Logan area, such as the West Virginia Freedom Festival, Shawnee Island, the Hocus Pocus Festival and Christmas activities including Team Santa, where the city gives free gifts away to area children.

The campaign also supports "one woman," where the group selects one woman in need each month to support.

The group also held an event at the Hot Cup in Downtown Logan, promoting the drink "Momachino" where the group released the new "Okayest Woman," shirt for women who wanted to join the movement but were not mothers.

To order a shirt, call Stereo Video at 304-752-2265 or stop in A Boutique in downtown Logan to purchase one.

For more information, contact founder Amber Miller-Viars to get involved. There is also a public Facebook page you can join for more information and to connect with the women involved in the campaign.