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With West Logan Mayor Darren Akers holding it, Logan Yoga and Fitness owner Britta Aguirre cuts the ribbon to officially open the business at Country Roads Development, LLC, in West Logan on Saturday.

WEST LOGAN — After a year of remodeling for business and office use that is still ongoing in other parts of the building, the former Mathis Motel/Mountain Trail Inn at West Logan officially has its first business following a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Logan Yoga and Fitness, LLC, on Saturday, Jan. 2.

For a year and a half, Logan native Britta Aguirre has been back home on a mission to help others in the area get in touch with their mind, body, spirit and heart through teaching yoga classes. Calling it a “whole person, holistic way of dealing with life’s stress,” Aguirre said yoga — along with her religious faith — is what helped her overcome her personal battles.

She began having yoga sessions at David Gore’s Studio Event Center at 149 Jerry West Highway at the mouth of W.Va. 44. When she began looking for a full-time business space, she realized Gore might soon have something available at Country Roads Development, LLC — the ongoing remodel and repurposing project of the Mathis Motel/Mountain Trail Inn at West Logan, which was heavily damaged by a March 2019 fire.

Aguirre was able to secure a space in the building and rebranded her business from Designated Yoga Purpose to Logan Yoga and Fitness, LLC. On Saturday, Jan. 2, the business became the first to open its doors at Country Roads.

“I feel blessed,” Aguirre said. “This kind of fell in my lap. When we were using the Studio Event Center with David, I was looking for places to open and then it kind of hit me — ‘David’s a landlord! I can ask him about this place,’ and he was all for it, so we’re the first business that’s moved in here, and to get that kickstarted. I’m glad that we had the Studio Event Center, because we now have a clientele. We have a full, well-rounded clientele.”

Since becoming a local yoga instructor, Aguirre has served more than 100 clients and she says she hopes to continue that streak now that she has a full-fledged business space.

“This is a community,” Aguirre said. “I call it a ‘health space’ for people, and so it’s more than just yoga. We take it beyond the mat. We take it off the mat and into the world.”

What makes Logan Yoga and Fitness different from other studios, she said, is its Christ-centered operation.

“Yoga is the only — besides my faith in Jesus, of course — the only thing that was really able to get me in touch with my body, get in touch with the wounds that I hadn’t yet healed, and that’s the heart of this — healing myself, having other people heal through yoga and through prayer,” Aguirre said.

The business is the first of several spaces that will be filled in the building as remodeling work continues. Gore said at least three more businesses will be on the first floor, and the second floor will be nine suites for overnight lodging for Hatfield-McCoy trail riders — or anybody that needs a room to stay.

“I’m very excited. I’m looking out at the parking lot right now, and I see, probably, 25 to 30 vehicles,” Gore said. “The parking lot’s full. This is the most activity that this property has had in probably three years. It’s really great to see this problematic, stigmatized property being transformed into an asset for the community. Britta’s doing a wonderful job, you know, for her to start her business in the middle of a pandemic — and to succeed, grow her business and expand during the pandemic when everybody else is shutting down. It is remarkable, and it speaks volumes for her business.”

Although work on the building is ongoing, Gore can be contacted at 304-946-5575 for those interested in renting a business space.

To register for sessions at Logan Yoga, download the Mindbody app on Apple’s App Store or the Google Play store. Aguirre can also be contacted via Facebook or at www.loganyoga.com.

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