LOGAN — Logan Regional Medical Center had a busy day Monday, Nov. 25, first holding an open house of their pediatric unit and then a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new computer lab at their education building.

Recent updates were made to the pediatrics floor to make the environment more child-friendly and inviting. Recognizable animated characters and dazzling colors can now be seen along the hallways and rooms, and children in isolation are offered several things like art, games and toys during their stay.

“We have set out to make our pediatric floor more of a kid-friendly environment for our kids, because it’s very stressful when a kid is sick,” said Jeanette Sexton, director of women services and pediatrics at LRMC. “It’s very stressful for them to come to a dreary place. It doesn’t seem like a caring place. It’s not a comforting place, so what we’ve done is made the pediatrics floor more of a bright character-based floor up there so whenever these patients come up to the floor, they are very excited to see the characters, and sometimes it makes them feel a little bit better, and that’s our goal. When we do that, we also make the mommies’ and daddies’ life a little bit easier.”

The event featured a large jump house inflatable, food, games and more.

Following the open house, a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new computer lab was held in the education building up the road from the main hospital. The lab will serve as a new training center for the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, whom LRMC has had a long-standing partnership with.

The computer lab will be used by students of the WVSOM who are studying in Logan to complete their testing. During the ceremony, the room was filled with students.

“Their med students rotate through here at Logan Regional Medical Center — third and fourth year med students — because they like rural medicine,” said Justin Turner, assistant administrator, director, physician recruitment and marketing at LRMC, “so the objective for the hospital is to eventually get these students, once they finish their residency program, to come back here.”

Dylan Vidovich is a news reporter for HD Media. Contact him by phone at 304-896-5196.