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Jonathon Clyde Ball

LAKE — A Boone County man was arrested in the Lake area and slapped with a hefty bond on several charges including burglary, sexual assault and strangulation.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Logan County Magistrate Court, on Sept. 21, Cpl. J.A. Lyall with the Logan County Sheriff’s Department responded to a 911 call to a residence in the Lake area for a physical domestic disturbance. While Lyall was on his way to the residence, 911 updated him that a man had climbed through the window of the female victim’s residence. The 911 operator could hear arguing and said the man had a firearm and was hitting and raping the victim.

When Lyall arrived, he reportedly saw a large ladder leading to the window of the bedroom. Lyall wrote that he could hear yelling coming from inside.

After a few minutes of knocking on the door, the victim reportedly opened the front door partially nude while crying and said that the man, Jonathon Clyde Ball, 36, of Hewett, had a gun. Lyall said he heard the back door close.

Lyall went through the back door and reportedly saw Ball walking. Lyall gave him several verbal commands to stop, but he kept walking away from Lyall.

When Lyall made his way to the side of the house, Ball was gone. The victim said Ball ran down the road, but a search did not locate him.

Lyall went back to the residence and spoke with the victim, who reportedly said that Ball is her husband, and they had been separated for over a year. She said that she had gotten out of the shower and walked to her bedroom, where Ball had knocked out the window fan and was trying to enter her bedroom.

She said she attempted to push him back out the window, but he was able to hang on and overpower her to gain entry inside. She said that once he entered the room, Ball grabbed her by the throat, pushed her on the bed, called her a vulgar term and told her she’s “going to pay for that.”

The victim said that Ball kept telling her that she owed him sexually, grabbed her by the throat several times while she was trying to fight him off and then placed his elbow on the corner of her right eye to hold her down on the bed in an attempt to have sex with her. She said he did not manage to have proper sexual intercourse with her, but did manage to perform another sexual act.

She said she was able to kick him off of her, and he threw items in the room, threw her bags out the window, and damaged the bedroom’s wooden door frame – all while swearing at her and demanding that she have sex with him. She also reported that the right side of her right eye was hurting as well as her ribs.

Ball was later arrested and charged with burglary, sexual assault, domestic violence assault, strangulation, domestic violence battery, unlawful injury to/or destruction of property and fleeing from officer. On Sept. 23, he was arraigned by Logan County Magistrate Dwight Williamson on a surety bond of $125,000 and is currently behind bars at Southwestern Regional Jail.

Dylan Vidovich is a news reporter for HD Media. Contact him by phone at 304-896-5196.