LOGAN — A man has died following a physical altercation with City of Logan police officers.

According to LPD Chief P.D. Clemens, city police responded to 528 Stratton St., in Logan at approximately 7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 22, for a disturbance at an apartment. Clemens said two women had let a man inside to get warm but that he later refused to leave when asked.

Clemens said the man, identified as Bennett Hatfield, immediately became combative when officers responded.

City patrolman C.L. Carter was the first officer to respond to the apartment. Clemens, Logan County Sheriff’s Deputy Nick Tucker and several West Virginia State Troopers later responded as backup after Carter reportedly fought with the man and used pepper spray.

Clemens said five officers were needed to handcuff Hatfield.

Clemens said Hatfield became unresponsive at some point after being handcuffed, and officers performed CPR until he was transported to Logan Regional Medical Center to be treated for injuries. The cause of Hatfield’s injuries have not been specified.

Hatfield died Thursday morning at LRMC.

A cause of death has not yet been determined. Clemens said Logan police are conducting an internal investigation, and the WVSP is also investigating.

Dylan Vidovich is a news reporter for HD Media. Contact him by phone at 304-896-5196.