ACCOVILLE — A man from the Accoville area of Buffalo Creek is facing several charges, including domestic assault and destruction of property.

In a criminal complaint filed in Logan County Magistrate Court on April 20, Deputy Johnny C. Morrison with the Logan County Sheriff's Department says he responded to a call in reference to a man who had been struck by a vehicle at Bull Hollow Road in Accoville. While en route, 911 advised Morrison that the man was walking back up Bull Hollow Road but did not have an exact location on him.

At about that time, Morrison located the accused, Casey Joe Hoosier, 32, at 24 Spirit Lane. Morrison noted that Hoosier was the person struck by the vehicle.

According to the complaint, one of the vehicle's passengers said that she had gone to Hoosier's residence to get her and her son's belongings but he refused to let her leave and started swearing at her and put his hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming for help. She then said that Hoosier had threatened her by saying that he could hurt her if she didn't quit.

She aid that once she got into the vehicle, according to the complaint, Hoosier followed her outside and then grabbed her mother by the throat and began choking her. She said he also had punched the vehicle multiple times with his fist and dented it.

The driver of the vehicle then began to leave and Hoosier grabbed it and refused to let go. The driver stated that he drove from the residence to the bridge and Hoosier continued to hold on to the vehicle. The driver said he then stopped the vehicle and Hoosier refused to get off, so he drove off again and Hoosier fell off the vehicle. The driver then went home and called 911.

Hoosier is charged with unlawful restraint, domestic assault, domestic battery, destruction of property and strangulation. He was arraigned on a $5,000 bond, which he has since posted.

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