WVRJA Anthony Dale Tiller

LOGAN A man from Logan is charged with strangulation, insurance fraud, domestic battery, domestic assault, giving false information to a police officer and false reporting of an emergency following an incident that occurred June 3.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Logan County Magistrate Court three weeks later on June 24, City of Logan Police Officer J.P. Ziegler responded to the scene of a single-vehicle accident on Cassick Street in Logan on June 3. While Ziegler was on his way to the scene, Logan County 911 said that Anthony Dale Tiller, 40, of Logan, had reported his Chevrolet pickup truck as stolen.

Ziegler arrived at the accident scene and learned that the driver, a female, had fled the scene after she wrecked the truck. Tiller arrived and said his truck had been stolen by "Red's girlfriend."

Ziegler reviewed surveillance footage from the area, and witnesses said that Tiller's girlfriend was the driver who wrecked the truck and fled the scene.

On June 18, Ziegler obtained a Mirandized audio recording from the woman, who said she and Tiller got into an argument on Cassick Street the night of the accident. During the argument, she said, Tiller became aggressive and pinned her against the wall by her throat until she passed out. She added that Tiller did this on multiple occasions for about 15 minutes.

She said she was able to get away from Tiller on June 3 and got in his truck as he was chasing her. As she sped away, the brakes failed, and she wrecked into an apartment building. That's when she ran from the accident scene to an abandoned building, where Tiller reportedly found her and began to strike her with open hands, closed fist and kicks.

She said Tiller told her that he was going to get the insurance company to take care of the accident and "they may come out ahead."

Tiller was arraigned on a $70,000 bond and is currently housed at Southwestern Regional Jail.